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Learn what Core Business is, how to define it and how to rely on it to boost your results

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Learn what Core Business is, how to define it and how to rely on it to boost your results

As a consequence, you will take the necessary measures at the right time, avoiding loss of money and damage to the image of the company. So, look at the phases of a crisis and the moments that make up each of them. Before the brand crisis Abnormalities Pakistan WhatsApp Number List can often be prevented by organizations themselves, as long as they maintain analysis and are aware of risk scenarios. Also, here is a very important point. Crisis management, which we mentioned earlier, is not just for when the crisis has already started. It is highly recommended that companies carry out preventive crisis management even when nothing serious happens. After all, it will serve precisely to predict possible problems and adversities. When the company itself analyzes all the potential crises that could affect its brand, it can create contingency plans.

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Collect challenges and discover opportunities

Therefore, when it comes to the pre-crisis phase, it is important to be aware of the symptoms that indicate impending turbulence. Are they: low customer loyalty ; lack of innovation in the various areas of the company; lack of use of technologies and low adherence to digital transformation ; problems and difficulties in customer service ; recurring complaints on social networks and complaint portals; Pakistan WhatsApp Number List decreases in key performance indicators ; high employee turnover; poorly structured communication efforts; constant conflicts between the team; dissatisfaction of shareholders, partners, customers and employees. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the phase before the “overflow” is the most important. Not by chance, like a disease caught in its early stages, trade problems identified early can be overcome without major difficulty. During the brand crisis When there is already an image crisis, the scenario is quite different. Here you probably know that you are having problems.

How to define the Core Business?

However, some managers are slow to convince themselves that they really need to take action to remedy the situation. So the sooner you know if you’re going through a brand crisis, the better. To find out, here are the symptoms that appear during Pakistan WhatsApp Number List this phase: high rate of negative mentions about the brand on social media; critical or suspicious press reports and releases; investors, partners and shareholders requesting an explanation; attacks on the company by clients, activists, websites, newspapers, etc. drop in sales; decrease in the value of the shares or the estimated value of the brand; loss of focus and productivity of staff due to insecurity. After the brand crisis How do you know if the worst is over?

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