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Learn To Improve The Positioning Of Your Web Pages With Canonical Tags

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Learn To Improve The Positioning Of Your Web Pages With Canonical Tags

This is bad, but it can be improved. How is that possible? Long tail keywords! After reviewing the opportunities, you changed the content keyword to “striped shirt.” Organic traffic fell dramatically, reaching 1,000 visits per month. Despite this, the number of conversions has remained the same, but on the ratio account, you are earning more! 10% of the visits are converting and you start to earn more money with your Uganda WhatsApp Number List the long history, I think the difference between long tail and head tail keywords has become clear, right? See below the main characteristics of this type of keyword: less organic traffic, but much more qualified; more targeted content; better at answering questions quickly; ideal for converting visitors into leads . If you want to learn more about keywords, don’t hesitate to download this FREE e-book we have on the subject!

Google actions on positioning

How to do your own Keyword Research It’s time to get down to business! Now we are going to put everything in its place so that you can structure a good keyword research. In this way, you will discover what are the best terms for your content production. Step 1: defining the theme We will begin with the point that will govern the search. Throughout this process, we will use an example similar to Rock Content. Uganda WhatsApp Number List We will guide your search as if we were creating one for our blog. In this example, we define that the central theme of the month is Digital Marketing. Step 2: choosing the tools There are currently a multitude of SEO tools that you can use to your advantage. Later in this post, we have prepared a list of tools that can help you in this work. For our theme we will use three in particular: Keyword Planner from Google; SEMRush ; Keyword tool.

When and how to use the canonical tag?

choose. Now we will use each of the three to find keywords about Digital Marketing: Step 3: using the research tools Keyword planner With the Google Adwords tool you can find not only keyword ideas, but also the monthly search volume for each of the available variations. Once you’ve reached Uganda WhatsApp Number List the Adwords home screen, click Tools and select Keyword Planner . You will then be redirected to the following page: You should focus your efforts on the first two options in the “Search for new keywords” session. When you click on the first option, to search for new keywords with a phrase, you will fill in a series of fields that, once analyzed, will help the tool find the keywords that make sense for your business.

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