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Learn to analyze your strategies on Instagram with these powerful techniques

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Learn to analyze your strategies on Instagram with these powerful techniques

Lead qualification Another key aspect in a Content Marketing and content production strategy is the qualification of leads. Once your users have made the necessary conversions to move through the funnel, for example downloading rich materials, you must rate their Brazil WhatsApp Number List maturity using a CRM . Two of the best known are HubSpot and RD Station . This CRM allows you to gather and evaluate all the actions you have taken with your lead to determine if a prospect is ready to move on to the next stage or not. With them you can manage your customers, monitor interactions automatically and organize them in a single well-defined visual panel. Thus, you will have a trace of your won and lost transactions, your scheduled appointments Brazil WhatsApp Number List and the performance of your Marketing actions. Traffic through different channels Diversifying traffic sources is vital to any Content Marketing strategy and data-driven content production.

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What three areas are important on Instagram

And is that relying on a single channel not only reduces the number of people you talk to, but also leaves you vulnerable to changes in the algorithms of social networks and search engines . Therefore, evaluating the origin of your traffic is important to understand which of your distribution channels are most effective and which you have to optimize. For this, there is no better tool than Google Analytics. This Brazil WhatsApp Number List free tool, which we have already talked about, allows you to distinguish the origin of your traffic through different channels: direct; organic search; paid search; Social; e-mail; display; references; others. By knowing your main acquisition channels, you can modify your strategy based on the data to strengthen your weakest channels and not bet all your money on a single token. In the case of our blog, for example, we can see that in the analyzed period almost 93% of users reached its pages from organic traffic, in search engines such as Google and Bing.

With the internal platform of Instagram

SERP analysis (search results page) Reaching the top positions in the SERP is, without a doubt, one of the greatest achievements of a Content Marketing and content production strategy. However, some marketers may be unaware that in addition to SEO optimizations, to position your content you must understand the search objectives of users. When a user does a search they do it with the purpose of finding Brazil WhatsApp Number List an answer to their questions, right? Then, when entering your page, your users will see if the content solves their concern or not. If you do, it’s perfect! Google will see your content as useful and relevant. Otherwise, if your content does not respond to what your users expect to see, they will immediately leave your site making Google understand that your content should not appear for that particular search.

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