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Learn how to fix the 20 most common WordPress mistakes

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Learn how to fix the 20 most common WordPress mistakes

Now that you know what DDoS is and how this attack works, we must consider that there are basically three types: application layer attacks; protocol attacks; volume attacks. However, to get into the details of each type of attack, we must first understand what Cameroon Phone Number List the network connection structure looks like. Network connection structure To understand how the network connection works, we will use the OSI (Open System Interconnection) model. This model is a 7-layer division of the connection network. We can think of building a house, where each stage of its structure has a different purpose. Application Layer: human-machine interaction layer, where applications can access Cameroon Phone Number List network services; Presentation Layer: ensures that the data is in a usable format and is where data encryption occurs; Session Layer: maintains connections and is responsible for controlling income and sessions.

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Maintenance mode cannot be disabled

Transport Layer – Transmits data using transmission protocols, including TCP and UDP; Network Layer: decide which physical path the data will take; Datalink Layer: decide the data format on the network; Physical Layer – Transmits raw bit stream across physical media. Hackers can direct attacks on a specific vector or divide the target between vectors. Application layer attacks Attacks at the application layer are Cameroon Phone Number List also known as attacks at layer 7. The main objective is to exhaust resources and interrupt access to the website or blog . These attacks are aimed at the layer where web pages are generated on the server and delivered as responses to HTTP requests. In this type of attack, it is very difficult to structure a defense due to the complexity of distinguishing the real traffic from the traffic generated by bots. An example of such an attack is similar to pressing the F5 button (refresh the page) repeatedly.

The white screen of death

This, on a large scale, with multiple computers requesting the update at the same time, can create overloads and lead to system outage. This attack can be done on a specific page, in which case the defense becomes easier or on random pages, without a programmed IP frequency, making defense difficult. Protocol attacks Protocol attacks are also called exhaustion attacks. The purpose of this attack is to consume all the Cameroon Phone Number List available capacity of the web application servers or intermediate resources, such as firewalls. Protocol attacks target protocol layers 3 and 4. An example of a protocol attack is SNY overload. To understand it, let’s look at an everyday example. Imagine that you go to a restaurant and ask the waiter for a particular dish. You take your order and, as you walk into the kitchen to request the prep, another table calls you and places a new order.

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