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Learn about the competency management model and how it helps to increase productivity in companies

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Learn about the competency management model and how it helps to increase productivity in companies

Many times one worries too much with the number of words of its content, for example. However, the truth is that the key to success in Content Marketing is producing for people and optimizing for search engines. There is no use writing a lot of words, Lithuania Phone Number List repeating key phrases countless times and hope that this is enough to conquer the top of Google. Everything that I have shared with you so far shows the need to prepare materials of unforgettable quality for our users, so that they want to constantly interact with our blog again. And one of the best ways to do it is to transmit the same message in different content formats. I show you how we have done it: Screen shots Taking screenshots is a great resource to generate value and authority in your content, since they allow you to clearly illustrate the information that was raised before. It is also a creative way to break up a long sequence of words, which can bore the user and cause them to leave the page.

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What are the characteristics of a management by competence?

It is worth remembering that standability is one of the UX (user experience) factors that Googlebot takes into account to classify pages. Screenshots are very useful in content that teach the steps to handle software, like this guide we did on Mailchimp . Infographics Paying attention to visual content is never bad in Digital Marketing, even more so when the chosen form is an infographic . This type of material Lithuania Phone Number List provides relevant information in a pleasant and entertaining way, which draws the user’s attention. In addition, it has great potential for virilizations, due to its ease of sharing on social networks. Check out this one that we prepared and put in our article about Buyer Personas: Videos A Cisco study brought the projection that 80% of all web traffic will be recorded in videos. It is a content format that is increasingly consolidated in the digital environment, so it is very convenient to use it in blog posts.

What are the benefits of the Competency Management model?

Another point that we must not forget is the time the user stays on the page , which can be greatly increased when there is a video . In this blog we usually include videos in various blog posts, like this one we made about the most prominent advertisements in Lithuania Phone Number List recent years. Audio Marketing With the shocking arrival of podcasts, adding audio files to blog posts has become very effective, which also increases the time spent on the page. In our case we have used Looser , a very interesting Audio Marketing tool. What we do with it is to convert our blog posts into narrations in Spanish, which are better adapted to users who prefer to listen to read.

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