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Learn about 5 types of interactive content and the benefits they bring to a digital strategy

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Learn about 5 types of interactive content and the benefits they bring to a digital strategy

Joseph Make adds: “Everyone involved in the success of our company wants to know the state of the business and the ROI of our campaigns. For our internal audience, the increases in conversion and testing are just the beginning. We can increase form conversion in a number of ways, but if our leads are low-quality or unengaged, we lose credibility with sales teams, and in the end, the customer experience isn’t that Turkey Phone Number List  great. Our conversion tests go beyond this form conversion: we must always look at how our leads are impacting the bottom of this sales funnel. The main types of interactive content -such as infographics, videos, questionnaires and calculators- are fundamental in digital strategies, since they make it possible to capture the genuine attention of the reader and transform it into a lead. Understand the best way to use them and their benefits.

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Interactive content and the benefits they bring

Edgar Higuera  read main types of interactive content To create a Digital Marketing strategy , it is essential that you answer this question before starting your planning: “What are the best formats to attract and retain users?” Currently, the answer to this question can be found in the types of interactive content . Fortunately, the democratization of access to technologies worldwide has caused electronic Turkey Phone Number List devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks to be increasingly used in people’s daily lives. For this reason, it is not enough to create content, it is necessary to offer solutions that capture the genuine attention of the public. In this way, it is possible to increase engagement , as well as conversion and enhance the loyalty of future customers. To help brands and professionals achieve the desired benefits, we present in this article the main types of interactive content and their advantages, such as: infographics ; videos ; questionnaires ; eBook’s ; calculators .

5 types of interactive content and their advantages

Next, we will talk in detail about each of them Join us! 5 types of interactive content and their advantages 1. Infographics Infographics are excellent solutions to direct leads according to their moment within the purchase journey. A good idea is thought to work contained the stage Awareness (or consciousness). It is important to keep in mind that this type of content does not generate a large number Turkey Phone Number List of conversions on its own. However, it is an educational material that aims to provide valuable information to the reader. For this reason, it can be an extremely useful resource for engaging your audience with your brand.

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