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Is Also a Consumer Is Precisely

Come to the location, because The participant is not allowed or unable to travel due to health or safety reasons The participant’s employer forbids  Paraguay Phone Number him or her as an employee to go to an event You have limited capacity in the physical location of the event So this is definitely something that will take flight in 2021! A nice blog about organizing hybrid events can  found on the Cvent site. Trend 3. Use of personal video in sales.

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Marketing Because we have made the massive switch to online meetings in 2020, the acceptance of low-threshold videos for marketing and sales has increased enormously. Marketers and sales professionals also find it easier to record such a video. When, for example, do you use a low-threshold video? Online product demos Because you can choose in the videos to include yourself, your screen, or both, it is super.

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Easy to record an online demo yourself. So instead of the boring call-to-action ‘book a demo’ you can now use ‘watch the online demo’. You can still put this behind a form, of course, but the visitor is helped immediately. In addition, you have direct insight into the viewing behavior of the prospect. Videos in quotes Because it is more difficult to visit customers, it also becomes more difficult for sales to make a follow-up.

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