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Inbound Marketing Trends for 2021 a guide to start the year attracting customers

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Inbound Marketing Trends for 2021 a guide to start the year attracting customers

Among those people, many of them watch the Stories. That explains the number of people who use Instagram Stories on a daily basis: 500 billion . Stories are a fast consumer content format. In addition, the photos facilitate understanding without the person Great Britain Email List needing to concentrate too much. That means that if you use Web Stories strategically, you will have more opportunities to engage your audience, but not only that, stories are an extra source of organic traffic. If you configure your stories according to Google’s guidelines, they will be Great Britain Email List able to appear to users, both in the “Discover” section and in the search by keywords. For that, it is necessary to pay attention to SEO, which involves including the following mandatory fields: web stories In addition, it is necessary to report the metadata requested by Google . In this way, you will have more opportunities to show your Stories to search engine users.

Great Britain Email List

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How to create Web Stories? Did you want to use Web Stories in your Digital Marketing strategy? You can create them through programming, but there are tools that simplify the process. One of them is the Web Stories plugin for WordPress. After logging into the Great Britain Email List admin panel, hover your mouse over the “Plugins” option and click “Add New”. In the search field type “Web Stories” and you will find this result: web stories Click on ” Install Now ” and then on ” Activate “. Afterwards, you can access the plugin from the sidebar. Creating Web Stories works quite intuitively, similar to using the Caneva tool, for example. There are other tools for creating Web Stories, which work independently of WordPress .

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One of them is MakeStories , which you can learn about in this video: Using tools like these, you will not have difficulties with dimensions, but when producing photos or videos with the intention of using them in Web Stories, remember to use the vertical camera. In this way, the user will have a good experience. Have you already realized how Web Stories can be useful in a Digital Marketing strategy? They are an extra format for Great Britain Email List you to get in touch with your target audience and increase your audience. In addition, they are a source of traffic that can bring visitors who are searching for certain keywords. Rock Content’s strategy is a comprehensive and comprehensive process, consisting of cutting-edge technologies, analytics and actions, in which, above all else, a sustainable and powerful methodology stands out: Inbound Marketing.

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