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In the era of digital surveillance four episodes

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In the era of digital surveillance four episodes

As you know, in design, I like to keep it clean and simple. Not for a productivist efficiency but for an elegance of form, a cognitive lightness and a lightness also on my actions as a designer on the world. In this, I have a real pleasure in doing digital design when I try to go for simplicity in graphics, in code, in design, in ergonomics, in the interface, etc. Through my numerous readings on degrowth, lowtech, frugality hello Serge Latouche, Didier Harpagès, Ivan Illich, Philippe Bihouix, I forget some… , I got it into my head to rethink my uses so that correspond the most to my needs needs that I try to minimize. However, the tools offered to me are often oversized, too powerful, too efficient, whereas most of the time, in digital, I try to do simple things.

How to make a low-tech browser

For me, the future will be lowtech , the creation of web tools will be lowtech, and rethinking my uses as I did for example, when I compiled my web and digital uses. Hard disk is for me an essential part of my direction towards simplicity, my personal decline that I am building little by little. Presentation context Also called the Capitalocene, the Anthropocene is photo retouching service the epoch in which many researchers point to humanity as a major geological force. Due to its activity industrial, digital, travel, etc. , humans transform the living world as a whole and tend to reduce its biodiversity. He is therefore directing the planet towards a scarcity of species, including himself. In recent years, studies have confirmed the role of digital on these issues and more specifically the role of the Internet and its uses as an element of acceleration in this disappearance.

photo retouching service

Remove what captures my attention

This destruction is also linked to the crisis of attention attentional capitalism , the alienation of tools and platforms Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc. The information crisis fake news, etc. As well as the psychological problems that this sometimes causes. Yet the Internet is liberating, spreads information, knowledge, ideals, creates revolutions, brings EU Phone Number people together, protects, allows people to create, express themselves, live. For this reason, we hear today of a lowtech web , less greedy in terms of energy resources, cognitive resources, visual resources, etc. For several years now, I have been creating all of my sites and digital tools in this way, taking into account the issues of file weight, ram, speed, power consumption, but also cognitive issues, temporality, etc. and I want to go further with this lowtech browser that allows you to go on the Internet while reducing these different impacts.

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