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Humor accounts on Twitter to give you a laugh

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Humor accounts on Twitter to give you a laugh

For a looooong time, but a long, long time, back in 2014, you can host your USA Phone Number List blog on LinkedIn. You will think that, then, the subject will be very trite and that why create one if, total, there will already be a lot. Well, mistake! Although this option has been around for about 5 years, it is still a territory that many users have not explored , so… Why don’t you dare? We are going to explain to you, what they are, what advantages they can have for you, how to create them and why they should be part of your strategy in this social network. As we have already told you, since 2014 we can have our personal blog on LinkedIn and, in 2017, the platform made a lot of changes , including the appearance of LinkedIn Pulse , which is the specific way to name, among other things, to blogs hosted on the social network. Don’t you sometimes find the profiles on this social network a bit dull and boring? With its sections of “Activity” and, if that, “Featured” there up and in small. Well, thanks to blogging on LinkedIn, you will be able to bring more dynamism to your profile since LinkedIn Pulse updates will enrich it visually and, of course, at the content level for your contacts. USA Phone Number List Well, we’ve convinced you that this LinkedIn Pulse update thing might be okay, right? Well now we are going to explain how to enter your LinkedIn blog . Start with your account on the platform, in the login session. At the top you will find the section to create publications, where is the “Write article” tab . If you click on this option, the editor in which you can write your article will open .

In addition, by clicking on “Publication menu” you can access the rest of your articles and entries saved in draft. The first thing you should do is write the headline and add a header image for your LinkedIn Pulse article. Both will be the first thing your contacts see USA Phone Number List, so try to make them eye-catching. And, above all, that they allow you to know at a glance what you are going to talk about in your article. This is where you have the opportunity to attract , so do it right! In the body of the text, to develop where it says “Write here. Add images or a video for greater social impact ”, is where the game really begins; This is where, yes yes, you will write your blog entry on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Pulse text editor has, roughly , the options common to all editors : you can choose between type sizes, bold, italicize, underline, establish numbered or dotted lists, include links or quote part of the text. Advantages of the blogs of this social network USA Phone Number List And now that you know what blogging is on LinkedIn and how to create it, it’s time for us to convince you to do it. Because yes, there are a lot of good things that you can get if you start creating articles on this platform : If you generate content for other blogs, LinkedIn Press can turn into a place where “I replicate” this content . And beware here: you cannot duplicate the content as it is since you will most likely have a penalty for duplicate content from Google.

What do you have to do? A good idea is that you summarize that content you have created for your external blog and post it as an article on LinkedIn Pulse adding a link to the full content. If that seems like unnecessary additional work, give it a try and marvel at how well blog posts index on LinkedIn. Unlike other blogging platforms , if you host your content on LinkedIn blogs, you will know who exactly is the person behind that reaction or comment. In this way, you not only measure the degree of interest generated by your content, but also put a name, face and job title to all that feedback . By showing your expertise through valuable content for your audience, you can position eu phone number yourself as a benchmark in your sector. We all have our headline “LinkedIn influencers ” in mind , but there are many industries where there are still no prominent thought leaders . Moreover, it is not only about sectors, but about topics that may not be included in the normal updates of the social network and in which, thanks to your blog post on LinkedIn, you can become a reference. Have we convinced you? You do not have to write an article on your LinkedIn blog telling it , (although we would be very excited), if you tell us around here we are super happy.

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