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How to win over your customers with an unforgettable experience and increase their life cycle

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How to win over your customers with an unforgettable experience and increase their life cycle

The difference lies in its strategic nature. Discover why Content Marketing and content production are two sides of the same coin. Edgar Higuera read Today, companies are aware of the benefits of Content Marketing . For this reason, 60% of Marketing Belize WhatsApp Number List professionals work to create at least one piece of content a day according to marketer . And it is that in the digital world, perseverance is key to generating results. However, many of these professionals create pieces of content without a strategy that guides them towards a specific objective. In fact, only 41% of large companies have their content strategy documented according to the IAB. This is because Content Marketing and content production Belize WhatsApp Number List are mistakenly thought to refer to the same process. So in this article we will explain the differences that exist between Content Marketing and content production and how data analysis plays a fundamental role in strategy.

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Transformations in consumer habits: the genesis of the CX

Why just producing content is not enough in 2020 The Marketing Digital has gone through countless transformations over the years. Undoubtedly, one of the most important trends has been the adaptation of Content Marketing to the digital strategy of brands. Belize WhatsApp Number List You see, brands have found the opportunity to attract and interact with their audiences in a less invasive way, thanks to the production of content that not only seeks to sell, but also to educate, inspire and even entertain. However, one of the most common mistakes is creating content without a clear objective, ignoring the strategic vision that they require. At this point is where we should talk about the differences between Content Marketing and content production .

What does Customer Experience mean?

Although they may seem synonymous, in reality Content Marketing deals with creating the content strategy, while production executes it. So, Content Marketing would be the how and content production would be the what. The strategic nature of Content Marketing Starting content production without a strategy that articulates them is not only a waste of resources, but it can represent a risk to your brand image. Shooting Belize WhatsApp Number List posts without a common thread doesn’t deliver the message you want and can confuse your audience. To avoid this, Content Marketing works with the sales funnel that organizes the content according to the stage in which the users are. That is, it wants to take users from point A to point B through valuable content. But creating an editorial calendar is not the only thing that Content Marketing does.

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