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How to succeed on Twitter: 10 accounts that prove it

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How to succeed on Twitter: 10 accounts that prove it

Why are you crying? Ignore them, Twitter is not dead, nor has it become a social network for geeks. What happens is that he has matured and the most faithful have remained, who have grown up with him . Maybe that’s why not everything is valid anymore, but you have to learn how to succeed on Twitter French Business Phone List. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end. It is confirmed: there is life on Twitter. And as long as there is life, there is a chance of success. As much as the use of this social network has been reduced with the arrival of new social platforms such as Instagram, there are still a good number of tweeters who resist. Being on Twitter makes sense if you know who yours are, what they want and if you can give it to them, of course . Far above, we could distinguish three large groups of current tweeters according to the use they make of the social network: Twitter users for whom Twitter is their favorite news outlet . Those who use it as a forum to comment and debate on specific issues. Twitter users who are there to develop their creativity while having fun. Whether you are a brand or if you have a personal profile, surely your content fits with one of these types of users. Or with several. Here is a list of examples that show that in 2019 you can still succeed on Twitter if French Business Phone List you know how to speak to the right audience and build your own identity. Yes, I know that may seem a bit obvious, but even a brand as powerful as Netflix could be ruined if it did not get the content right. However, it is full: select the best content, enter the rag in the conversations of his followers , fit his pieces in real time , comment live on prominent events such as Eurovision … And even edit his profile adapting to the time! Andrea is the clear example that you don’t need to be a big company to make a dent on Twitter.

But it does build a personal brand. “ Today we had a trial with a woman who tried to steal 75-cent templates from us . Why? By asshole ”. Thus began the famous 75-cent template thread , the one that made @MenendezFaya the quintessential Twitter thread profile. Now more than 46,000 people read his stories. And if you want to learn how to succeed on Twitter as a person and a company at the same time, look at Joan Boluda: online marketing consultant , podcaster , teacher , entrepreneur and a few other things. At this point in his career, French Business Phone List Boluda probably doesn’t need Twitter to maintain his recognition. In fact, these days most of his tweets are simply links to his podcasts and courses, but he must feel the love of his followers so strong that he remains at the bottom of the canyon and with his image intact. Perhaps the key is strategies such as raffling € 1,000 to celebrate the 1,000 program of your podcast . An investment that made him a trending topic last year, in addition to providing him with visibility, followers and, surely, new clients as well. The profile of the Institute of Ocular Microsurgery of Barcelona shows that it is not necessary to be a “fun” brand for your presence on Twitter to make sense. In fact, it makes perfect sense: it has more than 21,000 followers. Through this channel, they reach a community interested in ophthalmology issues, communicating the most relevant of the sector, with a close tone, looking for formats adapted to the channel and relying French Business Phone List on real time marketing . This linguistic platform of the Royal Spanish Academy dared to join Twitter in October 2017. Guess what happened next? That he knew who he had to address and now brings together a community of more than 45,000 followers. Earlier this year he scored a goal with his fun challenges. Using Twitter polls and threads creatively, they turned their language challenges into viral content. Pizzas, sales, memes… It seems like a very adolescent plan to succeed on Twitter, but there you have Domino’s collecting retweets with each publication . Your main target may not be on this platform, but if all the tweets work for you, surely a few Twitter users will crave pizza every time they post. His technique, right now: tweet little and well, taking advantage of trending topics, commenting on important events , understanding pizza lovers as only they understand each other and, of course, knowing how to get out of their epic shit like ‘Who is it? who’.

This project by Air Liquide ( a world leading French multinational in the provision of services and technologies related to gases for Industry and Health) is an initiative to promote dialogue on the role of hydrogen in clean energy. Read like this, it may seem like a pain in the neck, but if you dive into his Twitter profile, you will realize how beautiful this mission is. More than 6,000 followers interacting and discussing with content simplified for the understanding of anyone who is interested in joining. A clear example of a loyal community and content adapted to it. THE RESISTANCE It is worth that La Resistencia, as a program, already meets the expectations of its audience by eu phone number itself; But would it be the same if they did not dump their content on social networks? Do not. By supplying the different channels with better moments, they manage to involve the viewer beyond viewing on television. They put it on a platter and they do it very well, because they not only bring the program closer to social networks but also adapt it to the language of each channel . And of course, if you speak to a tweeter in Twitter language, you have it in the boat. MARRIED DOCTOR If you thought that the case of Joan Boluda was a success story because “marketing” is easier to sell on social networks, here is another example from the health sector. Salvador Casado is a family doctor involved with his profession and with Twitter , where he deals with all kinds of topics related to medicine. Many brands would like your retweets! If you’ve made it this far, you can now wipe your tears. You have already learned through these examples how to succeed on Twitter, and as you can see, this social network is not dead. Rather, the problem is us, we give up very soon. Leave us in comments all the Twitter accounts that are for you a clear example that in 2019 you can still succeed in the bird’s social network.

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