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How to quickly adapt your Marketing strategy in the world of Coronavirus

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How to quickly adapt your Marketing strategy in the world of Coronavirus

Keyword Magic Tool This SEMRush functionality is very comprehensive because it shows deeper data on possible variations of a keyword, such as monthly search volume and organic positioning difficulty. Another important factor for the success of a Post pillar is that it presents the necessary information in different formats, since they increase the user’s time on the page and their chances of positioning well in Kazakhstan Phone Number List Google for highly disputed keywords. It is a competitive differential over other blogs. Our article on Digital Marketing, for example, has screenshots, videos, and infographics in addition to the written paragraphs. Internal links scheme Once the content is done, it is inevitable to pay close attention to the internal links. As I said before, they are the devices that the Google algorithm uses to jump between the pages and understand that there are Kazakhstan Phone Number List thematic correlations between them. A good practice to achieve this is that each Post Secondary has its first internal link directed to the Post Pillar.

Kazakhstan Phone Number List

And the generation of demand?

This is necessary because there is a hierarchy of links in the pages, that is, the first is more important than the second and so on. You can see that in our post on Digital Marketing pillar there is an internal link to the content on Electronic Commerce. At the same time in the article on E-commerce, the first internal link goes to the content on Digital Marketing. Well done the bridge, huh? Applying these techniques, Kazakhstan Phone Number List the Digital Marketing post is part of the TOP 3 in Google for Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and other Hispanic countries. In our millionaire month of March, it brought us more than 18 thousand sessions: As we quite like the Topic Cluster methodology and we find it effective, we want you to also check it out on your blog. That is why we prepared a template in which you can build your structure of Pillar and Secondary Posts. Download it for free below!

The acid test for your brand is now

Content update The content we produce does not always perform excellently in the SERPs when we launch it. That is why it is time to update the materials prepared, thinking that they rise to the top of Google. Content updating is also very important when it comes to preventing other competitors from overtaking us and removing the keywords we already have. In the end, an old content loses relevance if it is not perfected Kazakhstan Phone Number List over time, although in its essence it addresses timeless concepts such as “Marketing”. You have to always accompany the changes. And how have we oriented our analyzes to find out what content we must update and what modifications each one needs? Some processes are essential to achieve this: Insights in SEO tools With the countless data generated by users and websites on the Internet, resorting to SEO software is always valid.

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