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How to plan, execute and measure a successful content strategy in a Marketing plan

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How to plan, execute and measure a successful content strategy in a Marketing plan

As part of the Inbound methodology , this strategy helps you: achieve the SMART objectives of your business, deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, guide the strategic actions that your clients should take through valuable content that Benin WhatsApp Number List increases engagement , direct the production and distribution of content, and carry out follow-up actions to measure the effectiveness of the strategy with the KPIs . As you can see, Content Marketing is much more than creating and distributing pieces of content on the web. The question now is how to design an effective Content Marketing strategy? We will talk about this below. How Content Marketing and Data Analytics Are Related Benin WhatsApp Number List Developing a content strategy requires a lot of research. Defining a buyer persona, understanding their pains and identifying the best way to solve them is only possible through data collection and analysis .

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In itself, what is a content strategy?

Next, we will present you some tools that will help you define key aspects in your Content Marketing strategy and guide its production. Definition of the Buyer Persona In simple terms, a buyer persona is the semi-fictional representation of your ideal client , built with truthful information that helps you understand who your clients are, what their pains are and how you can help them. To build them, you can conduct Benin WhatsApp Number List interviews with your current clients or analyze your user database to identify common points about their habits, interests, and challenges. Tools such as the People Generator are ideal for creating these profiles. Correctly defining your buyer persona provides you with enough information to direct the elements of your Content Marketing strategy and content production such as: choose the keywords for your business; identify the language and tone of communication; establish distribution channels ; define the format, length and periodicity of the contents.

The ABCs of planning a content strategy

Keyword research The keywords are compound terms by one or more words that people use to search Google doubts. These connect user questions with the content produced by brands. Therefore, in Content Marketing it is imperative to use the correct keywords. These are the terms that mark the thematic direction of the blogs . At the same time, it is what tells search engines what a website is about. Here, data analysis remains Benin WhatsApp Number List essential. Tools such as the Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush allow you to identify the keywords of your business. For example, SEMrush gives you ideas, search volumes, and other keyword insights with topics of interest to your buyer persona. It also allows you to make a global analysis of your website and even analyze your competition .

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