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How to manage a good crisis and maintain a balanced corporate image

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How to manage a good crisis and maintain a balanced corporate image

Although it was not as successful as Friendster, whose purpose was to help users find a partner and which became real in 2002. It got 3 million users in just a few months, having its end decreed by the server, which could not bear the overwhelming number of accesses. In the same year, LinkedIn was launched , the professional social network that is still the most popular today. In 2003 MySpace Malta WhatsApp Number List was born , which dethroned Friendster in a short time, and in 2004, Facebook emerged , which by 2008 had already taken the first place from MySpace. Facebook emerged as a platform to connect students from Harvard University, USA, and today remains undefeated as the most popular social network in the world. However, the other networks have been able to reinvent themselves, which has kept them in force until today. Twitter for its part was born in 2006, Tumblr in 2007, Instagram in 2010, Snapchat and Google in 2011.

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What are the key moments of a brand crisis?

What are the types of social networks? We can classify social networks into two categories. I’ll show you some examples of each one: Horizontal social networks They are aimed at the general public and do not have a specific theme. Its main objective is simply to promote connections between people. Among them are: Facebook It is the fastest growing social network in the world, it allows you to Malta WhatsApp Number List connect and interact with friends, family and meet other people. It also offers tools for businesses that allow them to bring brands closer to their audience and boost their growth. Today it exceeds 2,000 million users. Source: TechCrunch Twitter It is defined as a social network but also as a microblogging platform , since it allows publishing posts of only 280 characters (initially 140), called tweets. Users have their profile and can follow other profiles (including brands, media, politicians, etc.) to keep up to date on their updates. Vertical social networks All specialized social networks fall into this category .

How to create a crisis management plan?

There are professionals, academics, video, photography, tourism, music, to find a partner, etc. (Imagination is the limit!) . Among the vertical social networks, some of the most popular are: Youtube The largest video sharing website on the internet. Many do not see it as a social network, but the truth is that by allowing users to connect and share information with each other, YouTube is classified as a social network. This Malta WhatsApp Number List site also allows you to create and customize your profile, upload videos, follow other channels and add their videos to your lists, comment, vote and share videos. LinkedIn With 15 years old, LinkedIn is the most used professional social network in the world. Its objective is to promote labor relations by putting people in contact with companies and companies with each other. It has 500 million active users in a month, including 9 million companies located in more than 200 countries.

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