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How to make a Facebook contest that works

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How to make a Facebook contest that works

Confess, that we are among colleagues : you have also done it to increase fans, like this desperately, and you have not stopped to think much. Nothing happens, that’s why we are here. So that from now on you know how to run a Facebook contest properly , thanks to this post that you are reading, and to this episode of our podcast with which you will find out everything. All the participation mechanics that come to your mind cannot be called a “contest” or “raffle” interchangeably. Choosing one or the other will depend on the idea you want to develop, the objective you have, how much you want to demand from the user and what tools you have. The draw is more comfortable for the user New Zealand B2B Phone List , because you can participate with something as simple as a comment. However, surely you need an external tool that counts the participations and draws the winner at random. On the other hand, running a contest on Facebook entails greater involvement on the part of the user, who will have to worry about being the best. The advantages of this option are: If you know how to take advantage of it, participation can go beyond this action and be part of other content. You can save the use of external tools if the decision is, for example, in the hands of a jury made up of brand managers. Before creating a contest on Facebook Before learning how to run a contest on Facebook, you should be clear about these three points. 1. Your goals . Ideally, you should run a contest as a reinforcement of your general strategy and not as a spontaneous patch because, suddenly, you have realized that your KPIs are weak. Increase followers: if you want your fans to grow overnight, there is no debate, the contest is a good option. Of course: worry that your profile has quality content if you do not want them to just arrive, they leave at the end of the contest. For this to make sense, you should pose your goal as branding and the increase in followers as one more metric with which you do not obsess when designing a contest. If your profile is what your brand deserves, the fans that stay will be the ones that really interest you. Drive traffic to your website: a difficult goal if participation is on Facebook. In this case New Zealand B2B Phone List, it is almost always best if your profile acts as a dissemination channel and participation takes place on the web. The same happens if you want to get leads , although in this case you have a great ally in social ads : the Facebook Leads Ads format . If you like the “more difficult ones” and you propose a contest to increase sales , you will have to think about options such as offering discounts (many) as a prize or demanding that participation has to do with speaking well of your products. With both options it is complicated if you do not have reinforcements such as collaboration with influencers . Loyalty to your audience: the most difficult goal to measure, but probably the one that will give you the most lasting results . We tend to consider Facebook contests as a method of attracting a new audience, but we forget how important it is to keep those who already follow you loyal. With a good incentive, you will be pampering your community as it deserves. 2.

The incentive To define the prize of the contest, as always, you must think about your target audience : a specific profile that matches the brand’s target and that in the future can become a sale. Therefore, it is advisable that the incentive has something to do with your business . You don’t always have to give away your own products or services, but it is a great opportunity to have a first contact with someone who can become a future buyer. If you want to New Zealand B2B Phone List go more, you can include your products or services in a pack as part of the prize and that the rest of the incentive is also related in some way to the interests of your audience . Before creating a contest on Facebook, and when you think about the mechanics of it, unleash your creativity, but first it is advisable that you read the Facebook Promotions Policy . As a summary, they would be these: The page is solely responsible for ensuring the correct operation of the contest. The promotion must include an exemption from Facebook of all liability on the part of each contestant. There must be an acknowledgment that clarifies that the promotion is not associated with Facebook in any way. For this, the ideal is that you have legal bases reviewed by a professional and where all this is collected. They should include the following points: Organizer ID Unlinking from Facebook Duration and scope Mechanics of participation and requirements Selection of the winner, substitutes and communication of the same Value and nature of the award Reservations and limitations Data Protection Acceptance of legal bases Jurisdictional Jurisdiction and Applicable Law You can run your contest within a Facebook page, group, event or app, but never from personal biographies . Therefore, mechanics such as New Zealand B2B Phone List “share it in your bio to participate”, “share it in a friend’s biography” or “tag your friends in this photo to participate” would not be allowed . In use policies Facebook Developers who also calls “no incentives for people to indicate they like a page or lead away to believe that they will be rewarded for it.” That is, you can suggest it, but it is not one of the requirements to participate.

As I said at the beginning, if you have not chosen to do a giveaway , you have it easier to do without external tools. If the winner depends on the level of originality, it is enough to form a jury of experts or managers of the brand who value the entries. However, if the contest for Facebook includes voting mechanics or answers to questions, you may find it useful to lean on some of the more popular tools. In addition to helping you in the management, you will be able to obtain performance statistics or a certificate through which to communicate the winner without cheating or cardboard. Easypromos : probably the best known in Spain. It has different options to adapt to the mechanics of your contest and you can even be inspired by its already designed formats. You can try a first time for free (with some restrictions) and you also have different monthly plans. Cooltabs : perhaps it is not so intuitive, eu phone number but it also offers a multitude of formats, such as quizzes , and success stories that you can take as a reference. Social Tools : free for fanpage with less than 300 followers. Its operation is through apps that allow you to perform original mechanics, but almost always having to leave the Facebook wall. Other extra tips for your contest The legal bases must be accessible to everyone : host them on your website or in a Facebook note. Before they ask you, show the link in your posts. If it makes sense with your goals, collaborating with influencers to promote the contest can be a wise move. Promote your contest with Social Ads to reach a greater number of people. Consider the option of allying with another brand (that is not from the competition, of course) with which you share a target to make the incentive greater. You can use other channels, such as other social networks or newsletters , to advertise your contest. Measure the results , paying special attention to those metrics related to your objectives. Now you know how to create a contest on Facebook to increase fans, you have no excuses not to start it. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments. And if you have a related super idea, we want to know about it too.

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