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How To Know Who

own a product, but strive for a solution to their problem. If you plot the shift from product to as-a-service in the well-known Business Model Canvas (see below), the Bolivia Phone Number biggest changes become apparent at a glance. A very important shift is taking place in customer relations (KR). Switching from a fixed product to a recurring service builds a long-term relationship with the customer, rather than a one-time transaction. business model.

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canvas product to service Image from the book Business Model Shifts. A good practical example of this trend is Swapfiets. The company provides ‘cycling-as-a-service’ at a fixed monthly rate, including repairs. Swapfiets was once started by a few students in Delft with 150 customers (fellow students) and has since grown to 124,000 customers in 50 cities and 3 countries. The advantage for companies with such business.

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models are that there is recurring ( recurring ) revenue. This can provide greater financial predictability and stability. It is, therefore, no coincidence that during the current pandemic, companies that work with a subscription model continue to perform relatively well. Also read: Map your business model with the Startup Canvas [handy download] 2. From shareholder to stakeholder, Shareholder value has long been.

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