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How to Easily Trace

Sustainable materials. But there’s more. Patagonia spends 1% of sales on donations to projects that support nature and the environment. The most groundbreaking thing for a ‘commercial’ company, however, is Patagonia’s choice to encourage customers to have their old Patagonia clothing repaired rather than buying new ones again and again. Patagonia website, an innovative business model. Source: Patagonia website.

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Will this book help you with your shift? Business Model Shifts is a pleasantly readable, stimulating, and above all practical book. A large number of short and more extensive cases provide insight into which business models are in line with the main technological and social trends. The great thing is that the connections between the new business model trends regularly emerge. This shows that it is not so much.

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about choosing one of the six shifts, but much more about making smart use of different elements from the shifts. We’re not even going to say last year was wild. You know that and we know that. We hope these words find you in good physical and mental health and that you are as eager as we are to leave 2020 behind and also looking forward to a brand new year. So let’s start the new year full of new possibilities with.

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