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How to create an influencer campaign

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How to create an influencer campaign

Influencer, influencer, influencer … a word that is already strangely familiar, especially if we are dedicated to digital marketing. Familiar because we do not stop listening to it and strange because, do we really know what an influencer is and what does it do? And most importantly, which ones should we collaborate with? There are many questions, true; But if you want to find out everything, listen to the podcast in which Sheila Martín tells you everything . Sorry if the answer didn’t shock you, but hope there’s more. Influencers are not a passing fad, they have only existed for a long time because they were called something else: brand image, ambassadors … It is important that we know what types of influencers UK Phone Number Database List exist in order to draw up our plan as precisely as possible. We have bloggers, youtubers, instagramers … people 100% of the online world, usually specialized in one sector, who test, comment and recommend. Natural brand advocates , who may be totally unknown people, but who feel something positive towards brands based on their experience and want to share it. They are the most valuable. The media, specifically journalists , have also been and are great influencers. Until a few years ago they were the only ones who had the power to broadcast. The celebrities , whether they are actors, models, singers … whose image is very recognizable by their profession. credibility and provides security and trust on its followers. Ultimately, it’s putting the power of recommendation into action, having someone you trust tell you what they think about something. How is this strategy seen and developed from the role of the influencer? Marketing Week gives us a rough idea of ​​it. When asked what influencers expect from brand collaboration, above all, it is the economic benefit, followed by the relevance of the brand in its sector and, finally, involvement in the generation of content. The channels that are available for this are their blogs and social networks . It is true that, if as a brand we have the possibility of inviting them to participate either in the form of a post, video, photo … we must do so, but we would be limiting their potential a little in their channels. Better to start with yours and try, without duplicating, to take advantage of that generated content. going to discover America if I tell you that the first thing is to find that it matches the brand values . Seems obvious right? Well, it is not always applied, or it is not easy to apply. We must be very clear about who we are as a brand and therefore who we are entrusting it to. We must also know UK Phone Number Database List the target , whether it is our usual target or the one we want to reach: who is it, how, what it does,Exiting the industry and looking in other areas can be a good idea. For example, if I am a technology brand I will go to the technology experts, but why not also associate with fashion or gastronomy? And with that, start looking for profiles that fit the first two premises. You can do it the old and almost unique way: research by hand or help yourself with tools, such as Buzzsumo or Ahrefs, that give you a clue based on keywords or content from the competition. 3. What to look for in influencers? A quick and simple checklist can help you: The first thing, we have already said, that they coincide with our brand values . Unless we want to take a radical turn, which is not usual. Study your audience to see if it matches ours

. Quality and quantity , this time must go hand in hand. The number of followers that the influencer has is essential, remember that we seek to achieve much more diffusion outside of our channel. But it is also the quality. If you see that it has a lot of fans but not too much interaction, better move on to the next one. The power of prescription . Here we go directly to the number of comments received, likes, shares and of course web traffic. And finally, are you an influencer involved with your community? It is useless for us to have followers and make comments if no one is going to respond to them. We must be realistic in our search. We all want the top actress with the most followers of the moment to wink at us and move mass sales. But believe me, a good combination of the above factors in a limited time frame can achieve great things. It is about building the mountain from the grain of sand. Normally, UK Phone Number Database List the person in charge of carrying out this entire strategy is usually the E-PR or person in charge of communication . If this figure does not exist, it’s up to you to bring it to light! These are some tips to start communication and negotiation: Know who you are addressing , is it the influencer directly, your agent, a generic email? Tell him who you are , where you come from (professionally). Above all, you have to be transparent . Telling you something that is not true is of no use to us, we would lose we must also provide confidence. Acknowledge their work . They are not where they are luckily, behind what we see there are many hours, effort, dedication…. Explain clearly what you need , what is the objective of your contact. The more information you have about each other, the better. This is applicable for an exchange or exchange collaboration. We all know how far we can go, don’t be afraid of being told no, it is best to talk about it. Let yourself be guided by them , they are their channels, their style, they know what benefits them and what does not.

It is very important that you give them all the materials : detailed information, key brand messages, tracked urls, hashstags, etc. If the “thing” works, it turns out how we expect, your mission now will be to keep an eye on the publication: when it comes out, the development and the results it reaches. Just as we would with our own channels. And if in the end an agreement could not be reached … keep your contact. You never know when you can cross paths again. When actions of this type are carried out, unless you are an ecommerce, it can be more difficult to measure the direct return on this investment. But not impossible! First, try to set a date for the duration of the campaign . Not all are the same and it depends on the number of actions you have planned in general. That leg is one more that needs its time and space. Isolating it can be one of the options when you have no way to measure directly, but it all depends. Evaluate the results you have had with the action and ask them for a report on it : Number of interactions Number of comments Scope data Comment tone from his followers eu phone number, both from what the influencer has given you and from what you have seen yourself. It measures internally : Received traffic. Value of the links obtained. Brand recognition, through interaction on social networks or comments on the blog. And of course, the conversions that have come this way. A mini-formula to calculate the investment in online would be: collect all the possible information from the tracked URLs and the contents that have been developed, and for the offline part, perhaps the development of a small event or specific action with coupons that can then be redeemed . But they are only examples, each campaign and each situation will have to be studied in a way. And this is how influencers have reached our brands. Remember that they are people, not billboards. With them a universe of possibilities opens up … do you dare to discover it?

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