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How To Conduct An

The unassailable principle in the financial world. Companies had to strive for profit maximization, with the aim of maximizing value for shareholders. Customers, employees, society, and the environment were often in second Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number place, or even lower. That time now seems to have passed. More and more, short-term profit maximization is giving way to longer-term value. It is also no longer just about the interests of shareholders.

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but there is an increasing effort to strike a good balance between the positions of customers, staff, society as a whole, and investors. Healthy balance The search for a healthy balance between the interests of the various stakeholders is essentially a very logical principle. Even if you look at it from a business perspective. After all, if your organization has (very) satisfied customers, happy employees, and a socially responsible.

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product, it becomes a lot easier to be successful in the market. Unilever is perhaps the textbook example of a multinational that has made the switch from shareholder to stakeholder. With the arrival of the new CEO Paul Polman in 2009, a new path was taken, whereby short-term profit maximization gave way to much greater social involvement. For example, active efforts are now  to support local economies.

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