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How does culture influence International Marketing? Understand its importance with undoubted examples

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How does culture influence International Marketing? Understand its importance with undoubted examples

Materials such as “Discover which Marvel character you are” create an emotional connection with the public, which increases visits to a site and, with it, the conversion rate. In technology websites, these resources are very interesting, since they allow the user to ask strategic questions, such as: How familiar are you with Saas technologies? What is the biggest challenge you face in your area of ​​activity in the Austria WhatsApp Number List company? Among these metrics, which one can you consider as your main KPI currently? What results do you hope to achieve with a software solution? What is the biggest risk that digital transformation represents for your company right now? User responses to each of these questions become extremely valuable data to qualify them and understand their main needs.

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Organizational Culture oriented towards internationalization

If your company is multi-product, the user’s information also opens the possibility of directing them to the most appropriate solution for their problems, based on a previous programming. This interactive resource is called “Solution Finder”, like the one shown below: Interactive infographics The infographics have won the hearts and attention of users. Graphic information on statistical data, studies or successes, Austria WhatsApp Number List with visual or animated elements, is an interesting way to give extra value to something that can be boring for the majority of the public, using, for example, UX Writing techniques . And these are just some of the channels in which interactive content can be leveraged as part of a Content Marketing strategy for a technology company. 4. Create a corporate blog focused on SEO As part of the intentions to strengthen relationships with potential customers, a corporate blog , where information about the brand, its managers, employees, prospects, products and services is published, may be the best way to get closer to your ideal audience.

Why is culture so important in International Marketing?

Precisely in the technology segment, users have many doubts as to the advantages and results that a software solution can offer them. In other words, publishing content of an educational nature , which can effectively explain the basic concepts of a Austria WhatsApp Number List product and the benefits that can be derived from it, is an excellent alternative to attract a qualified audience. In this sense, optimizations for search engines (SEO) become essential, since in Google, Bing or Yahoo users express their doubts and corporate difficulties. What they want to find is quality information, to help them solve them effectively. Your company must, then, produce relevant content for these people, but without adapting it to search engines it is much slower and more difficult to be found by them.

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