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How are the new business models in the digital world? # CNMD2014

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How are the new business models in the digital world? # CNMD2014

Mexico.- Business models are changing thanks to technological advances, more and more companies are using new ways to sell their products and services to consumers. María Teresa Arnal , from Clarus Digital, gave an overview of current trends in this area during the 2014 National Digital Marketing Congress.

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In her conference “New digital business models” , within the 2014 National Digital Marketing Congress, María Teresa Arnal spoke about the changes that have occurred Ukraine Phone Number List in the business world. A few years ago models such as e-commerce emerged , which was an extension of traditional channels but then some completely digital ones emerged, such as the case of Amazon, which began by selling books and currently has completely digital platforms such as the Kindle .

Other models already established are unlimited consumption plans , such as Spotify and Netflix, on-demand payment services and models supported by advertising. Arnal mentioned some models that are currently being disruptive : Freemium services , in which something is offered for free but added values ​​have a cost, and crowdsourcing or collective financing in which consumers contribute to the creation of a project and get something. In return.

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Another recent model is dynamic prices : products and services whose prices change according to demand, the hours in which they are sold and even weather conditions. The last model mentioned was the sharing economy or collaborative economy in which, through apps and digital platforms, users come together to share costs in a large number of services.

María Teresa Arnal is the founder and director of Clarus Digital, a digital marketing and strategy agency. He has worked with clients such as Banamex, Bimbo, Aeroméxico, Kimberly Brother Cell Phone List Clark, Telcel, among others. The 2014 National Digital Marketing Congress , organized by Merca2.0, takes place in Mexico City this Wednesday and Thursday.

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