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How and Why People Pay Attention to Video Ads

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How and Why People Pay Attention to Video Ads

In times when there are more brands and products than ever, and consumers have become saturated with ads and advertising, there are more and more ways and tools to avoid or stop paying attention to ads. In an environment as competitive as that of the advertising and marketing industry, companies must use their best practices to capture and retain the attention of consumers.

According to research by Thales S. Teixeira published in the academic journal Harvard Business Review, although there is no universal rule to get consumers’ attention, it is possible to predict the amount of attention that consumers will put to an ad, regardless of the brand or Australia Phone Number List product. “People tend to pay more attention to ads in theaters,” says the publication. “And people who watch television with a computer on their lap, pay less attention. If they are young and have a mobile phone next to them, they pay even less attention. Therefore, the best content for ads depends on the context in which the audience is exposed to them. “

Here we summarize some examples of specific contexts and how to take advantage of them:

  1. When the audience is captive:

With information-on-demand, audiences are no longer willing to pay attention to promotional content. consumers pay more attention to content that also entertains them. In places like the movies, where audiences are captive, advertisers can assume that their ad will have the audience’s full attention from the beginning to the end of the commercial, thus they can focus on persuasion and spend more time providing information. about the product.

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2. When the audience pays attention at first

According to different experiments carried out by the social scientist, the result was that overly emotional commercials and advertisements affect sales. Consumers focus on content and don’t record persuasive information. The entertainment must be presented after the first appearance of the brand to improve the level of sales, while if it happens the other way around, sales go down.

3. When the audience starts by not paying attention

Sometimes the audience is not even paying attention when your ad starts, and in those cases you should capture it in the course of the ad, for example, for cases where the Brother Cell Phone List television is in the background, or when your ad is broadcast in the middle. from another series of commercials. After analyzing 100,000 commercials seen in homes, Teixeira found that ads with attractive music and colorful images attracted the distracted more.

4. When the audience is completely distracted

There are some contexts where the audience will be entirely elsewhere, for example billboards in Manhattan’s Times Square, where there is too much noise and distractions. For this, the academic recommends the strategy of viral videos. And to make content viral, it is necessary to contact influencers, have contacts between bloggers and Internet personalities, as well as opinion leaders who can be the initial distributors of the material among their audiences.

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