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Horizontal social networks: What are they?

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Horizontal social networks: What are they?

Yes, there are horizontal and vertical social networks . Dubai Phone Number List We already talked about the latter in a previous article . And, of the first ones, I’m going to do it in this one. If it is the first time that you come across this classification, I will tell you that it has to do with the interests of your community: if they are general or niche. The horizontal social networks are those whose community is generalist, where users are not defined by a particular subject or activity. These channels allow free access and participation for each member to use it as they prefer. The best representative is Facebook, but we could also consider Instagram or Weibo in China horizontal social network. As I was saying, the difference between horizontal and vertical networks has to do with the type of community , which in this case is generalist. They are users for different reasons, ranging from being entertained to giving an opinion on any matter just because, but there Dubai Phone Number List is no interest associated with a specific topic . Why am I talking about the community instead of saying directly that the difference is that they do not revolve around a specific theme? Because then you are going to make me put Twitter , YouTube and Instagram into the group of verticals, one for microblogging activity and the other for video and photography. And look, no. Therefore, it is good to say that they are those that are aimed at all types of users and not a specific sector. But they would also be those that were born around a niche interest and today, however, they have a generalist community that is not there for that issue.

For what you want. As a user, you can make use of them as you like: chat and send private messages, see what your contacts publish, watch entertainment videos, get informed, participate in contests, follow influencers , contact a brand’s customer service. or, Dubai Phone Number List currently, even make purchases. If you are a company, it will help you reach a large number of people , build community and publicize your brand in highly valued channels within a digital marketing strategy . Of course, for this you will have to fine tune your aim very well. Horizontal networks have the advantage of agglomerating millions of users. But it is a double-edged sword. Each of these users has different geographic qualities and interests, so many of them will have nothing to do with your company. Therefore, it is important that you create a solid strategy, that you define your target audience in detail , make content thinking like him and segment your ads also with your present target Dubai Phone Number List . Although if it is still not clear to you that the user is the boss, listen to this podcast in which we talk about who is the king on social networks. As you have been deducing throughout the article, in this type of social network there are names like Facebook or WhatsApp (if we consider it a social network). Both are channels in which the pointer is registered, where each user makes the use they want and you can find everything. In addition, as we have seen before, we can include others such as Instagram, YouTube or Twitter .

Although the formats of these channels are more limited by following a specific mechanism, today they are generalist networks that are not used (in most cases) to expose a specific activity such as photography or video. It would not necessarily have to be this way, but right now the networks with the most users correspond to what we would call general or horizontal social networks. This is how we see it in annual studies, such as that of IAB Spain . You have the possibility to reach eu phonen umber a huge number of people . The fact that they have so many users makes them more developed. Therefore, you have more variety of formats to create your content. You will also have access to better results measurement tools . You can advertise through ads or with channel influencers . In the case of ads, the channel administrator will give you a wide option of targeting by interests . In the case of influencers, in general or horizontal social networks you will have a range from which to choose the one that best suits the values ​​of your target . A lot of information will have been published so that you can use it in your strategy and optimize it: articles, podcast, videos, courses … What? How do you stay with this explanation about horizontal social networks? Hopefully, at least, it has awakened in you a “go!” . And if you have awakened something else, let us know in the comments. We want to know in which side you would include Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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