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Guide to the digitization SME of know the roadmap for the transition from offline to online

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Guide to the digitization SME of know the roadmap for the transition from offline to online

In this way, customers are qualified and, consequently, it is much easier to satisfy and retain them. 2. Development of actions and exclusive channels for clients Logically, to generate a satisfied customer you must offer them a privileged and differentiated service. For this reason, think about actions, interaction channels, loyalty programs and exclusive value additions for customers, which improve the service that your Greece Phone Number List company provides to the general public. Among other things, you can create special webinars that explain the use of certain products or services, to guarantee the maximum use of them. 3. Provision of practical means and channels for interaction The constant interaction is a key point for customer satisfaction. For this reason, another key point is to offer multiple practical and agile channels for interaction, such as chatbots , help centers and Greece Phone Number List already traditional channels such as Email and social networks. To define the interaction channels effectively, first analyze the way your customer behaves in the digital environment and what type of platforms they usually use.

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What are the challenges for the digitization of SMEs?

Constant monitoring of a Customer Success Manager Marketing teams have discovered great benefits for including this professional, who is one of the main people in charge of promoting customer satisfaction . The Customer Success Manager is at the user’s side at all times, to help them to have success and good results with the product or service they acquired , which, logically, favorably impacts the satisfaction rates. 5. Marketing models that give autonomy to the client While demanding personalization and constant attention, today’s customer Greece Phone Number List wants autonomy. Taking this into account, do not rule out migrating to more flexible marketing models, such as freemium , which allows the user to interact with basic and free versions of products or services. Thus, after interacting with the commercial, you can decide if you want to pay to access a premium or full version, which guarantees all the necessary functionalities. Another very good alternative is to allow customers to personalize the products they will buy.

Where to start digitizing your SME?

For example, this is already done by some laptop manufacturers, who offer the possibility of choosing specifications and characteristics of the equipment, resulting in a personalized product completely adapted to the buyer. Service companies such as Saab s (software as a service) also have great chances of pleasing the consumer with this type of model, because they allow each client to use the platform according to Greece Phone Number List their needs and interests. Personalization of the overall experience In addition to trying to personalize products, if your commercial activity allows it, make the information and interaction flows close and human . It is important that you do not make the consumer feel like part of a cold database or list, but rather as a valuable person for the brand, who is constantly supported and taken into account.

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