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Guide to optimize your Marketing expenses without losing the ability to generate results

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Guide to optimize your Marketing expenses without losing the ability to generate results

Optimizing Marketing expenses is in the interest of all analysts and directors in this department. But the solutions to meet this objective are aimed at improving the efficiency of the strategies, not necessarily betting on the cheapest ones, but those that will generate more income in Poland Phone Number List the long term. Guest Author Jun 8, 20 | 10 min read how to optimize Marketing expenses If you have ever come across advertisements on social media or have redeemed discount coupons from your favorite brands, then you are within the target audience of someone’s Marketing strategy , we agree that it sounds very easy, right? ? However, for you to be able to perceive this effect, it is true that a rigorous process has been implemented before. Poland Phone Number List If it fails to catch you as a potential customer, it would mean large business costs, for this reason, it is essential that any strategy seeks to optimize its Marketing expenses. This, in turn, is considered the cornerstone of all strategic planning so that the balance of income is heavier than that of expenses.

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What problems do companies usually have with their Marketing expenses?

Large companies have suffered from poor planning, such as Coca-Cola with ” new coke ” in 1985 or Colgate’s ” Beef Lasagna .” If you haven’t read about it, check out the links above to find out about those interesting stories. Their failures meant losses estimated in millions of dollars and even the inclusion of the well-known “Museum of Failure”, but do you know what is curious about the cases? That the realization of both strategies had the intention of: save on costs (Coca-Cola); expand the market (Colgate). The error of the Marketing department is really impressive, Poland Phone Number List  however, you should not be scared! We have precisely prepared this article so that you know the most recurrent problems of companies with their Marketing expenses, how to do to optimize them and generate greater business productivity. Do you want to learn good practices to optimize the financial efficiency of a Marketing department? Then join us in this analysis! What problems do companies usually have with their Marketing expenses?

Not understanding the needs of the target audience

The Marketing Digital or traditional, should be seen as an investment, not an expense. Therefore, if you are generating more liabilities than assets, it means that there are mistakes that inhibit the attraction of new business, you are not creating relationships, nor are you allowing the development of the brand . Below, you will find three of the most common difficulties of companies that cannot manage their Marketing expenses Poland Phone Number List with balance: Not understanding the needs of the target audience In this industry the verb “believe” is not the same as “power.” We must understand each stage of the client’s journey with our brand in order to launch initiatives that generate new business opportunities: learning and discovery stage; consideration stage; stage of the purchase decision; customer retention stage.

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