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Guide to increase the time the user stays on your web pages

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Guide to increase the time the user stays on your web pages

The partnership between Dell and ion Dell began using the ion platform for its lead capture forms in September 2010. They started with the templates of the pages that were already on the platform, but quickly realized that it was very easy to create and test Switzerland Phone Number List their own custom models without having to understand code or having to ask the IT department for help. Not only did this take less time, but the company was able to accelerate the internationalization process by granting regional Marketing managers access to the ion platform. After creating a page in one country, other regional managers could simply log in, copy and translate the existing lead generation form, and customize the Switzerland Phone Number List page for their particular regions. Senior Digital Marketing Manager Josh Mueller explained that one of the biggest benefits of using the platform is the reduction in production time.

Switzerland Phone Number List

Why is the time spent on the page so important for the webs?

I can literally ask my team in the United States to create a page, email it to team members in Japan, China, France, and Germany, and then a couple of days later it’s available online.” . The next step With a successful lead generation program underway leveraging landing pages through ion, Dell wanted to apply smarter interactive digital experiences to help more effectively target and deliver solutions to its Switzerland Phone Number List broad and diverse target audience . They knew that to improve online engagement and generate more leads, it was necessary to go beyond form-based landing pages to create digital experiences that deliver intrinsic customer value. The company determined that having consultants online would be the perfect method to allow clients to configure solutions based on their specific needs, from the small business owner to the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of a large global corporation.

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They brought this experience to life through the ion platform. The initiative works as follows: the consultant acts as a kind of digital configurator of the solution, showing how a product, service or application can work in a customer’s environment; the online visitor enters information about their specific product needs; the consultant provides feedback on the appropriate products and services that meet your needs. Switzerland Phone Number List Dell invested in online consultants working on servers , in the cloud , on virtualizing solutions available to customers on Dell.com . These app-like experiences are frequently updated with the latest product and service information, and the ion interactive platform performs these updates efficiently and quickly. Along with the speed for updates and changes comes the agility to test the unique variations of each online consultant.

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