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Google informs that the experience on the page will be its new web positioning factor

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Google informs that the experience on the page will be its new web positioning factor

Structured and automated databases The Business Intelligence and Data Analytics are vehicles that can reach the digitization of SMEs to the highest level. When modern principles and practices like these are taken into account, it is possible to have a true digitized Philippines Phone Number List operation, marked by automation and by the limitation of paper and manual interventions. In addition to improving performance itself, automatic data collection and intelligent data analysis enables you to predict user and customer behavior , optimizing decision-making and making it easier to take effective actions to convert and retain. At the moment there are also a series of free or low-price platforms to accelerate the automation Philippines Phone Number List of SME processes, such as: CMS (content managers): WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc; CRM (customer management systems): HubSpot, Sugar, Soho CRM, etc. Business Intelligence tools: Oracle BI, Microsoft Power BI, IBM analytics, SAP BI, among others.

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When will this Google update go into effect?

Digital experiences for clients and users Logically, to digitize your business you have to make the treatment and interactions with your customers increasingly digital , like the service in general, without this meaning that it is impersonal, distant and cold. An Philippines Phone Number List example of digital experiences for customers and users is the Freemium model , which allows people to interact for free with services, products and tools, and then decide if you want to purchase the paid and full versions. Also, when we talk about interaction and digital services, we cannot forget SaaS companies (software as a Service), which manages to centralize all workflows and customer relationships on the same platform.

How will the ‘experience on page’ ranking factor work?

By this we do not mean that your SME should fully adopt these models, but rather incorporate aspects of them to offer quality digital experiences. conclusion Cool! You already know what are the keys to achieve the digitization of SMEs and how to start. In general, to achieve this you have to embrace change, sow a culture of constant innovation in the organization and take concrete actions that generate modernization, Philippines Phone Number List such as the use of structured databases and the development of electronic commerce channels. On the other hand, do not forget that the development of a solid digital presence will be the common thread of this process, which will put your SME on the map and allow it to grow in a sustainable way.

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