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Google BERT find out how the new update will influence internet searches

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Google BERT find out how the new update will influence internet searches

Example 10 exercises that will help you better face Monday mornings 5 Phrases You Can’t Say To People With Depression; 20 reasons to use social networks as consumer support; Step 3: abuse mental triggers A mental trigger is something that will awaken Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List the customer’s attention at the exact moment they read the first sentence. In the virtual world, it is common for people to barely pass their eyes on the information and discard most of it. Then do not miss this opportunity! The use of adjectives can also be a great ally to attract your users. Some examples are: Fun Practical Incredible Unique Absolute Essential Essential Gratuitous Useful Nice Example: 30 tips to improve productivity in the Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List home office 4 essential steps to cope with the morning traffic 13 Free Pages to Download Photoshop Fonts Step 4: Use known methodologies Some techniques were developed to make creative titles.

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What improvements does Google BERT bring to SEO?

Get to know some of them: AIDA technique This is a technique developed to define everything that a creative title must contain, and includes four basic elements: Attention : words that efficiently capture the reader’s attention Interest : refers to the benefits that the user will have with the content Desire : it is the sense of urgency awakened by the title. Action : CTA, which will take the user to perform an action. Using AIDA is a simple way to check the quality of a title. Ask yourself if your title attracts attention, arouses interest, activates desire and invites action before airing it. Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List SHINE Technique Another acronym used to write good titles is SHINE, whose initials stand for Specify related to the problem that will be solved when reading an article (problems in business, in everyday life, etc.). Helpfulness : here the focus is the solution that the article will bring to the user (like using Google Business, etc.) Immediacy it is the sense of emergency awakened by a title (exclusive opportunity, fundamental steps, unmissable ideas).

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Novelty  it deals with the immediacy presented in a title (new process, exclusive tool, etc.); Entertainment : it is the factor that makes the reader feel that this article will bring him good experiences (funny lists, routine moments, tips to relate better). Step 5: Measure the results and run tests The Internet offers a unique opportunity to measure and analyze data on consumer behavior and strategy performance. So, Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List feel free to try it out. There are some recommended techniques for that, such as: send newsletters with the same content and different titles and find out which one performs the best; use different CTAs in your articles and compare them; Share the same links on social networks, changing the title, the time and the day and discover which of them win more commitment. build two different articles with the same keywords and find out which one of them ranks better.

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