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Good Practice Guide for Working at Home Without Losing Productivity

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Good Practice Guide for Working at Home Without Losing Productivity

SEO hacks There are certain SEO techniques that can be put into practice on a regular basis to increase the generation of organic traffic and that are part of our routine on the blog. Now I will tell you some that we have had in mind: Increase CTR Click-through rate ( CTR ) can be a blog’s great competitive differential on Google results pages. In the end, the 1st place in the SERP will not always be achieved, but it is important to Kuwait Phone Number List be located at the top of the user’s screen and try to win their click with a creative and original title or a precisely relevant meta description. The Google Search Console tool provides CTR data for all pages on a blog. There I realized that only 1% of users clicked on our post on Digital Marketing when they searched for “online marketing.” Analyzing the SERP I noticed that the other blogs that appeared in the search used the keyword “Kuwait Phone Number List online marketing” in their SEO titles, an important ranking factor in Google. I decided to implement it in ours to test if more users were hooked with the appearance of the article in the SERP and we reached 1.5% CTR for “online marketing”.

Kuwait Phone Number List

What do the Home Office statistics say?

Also, the total CTR of the page went up to 2.5%. It may seem little, but if we take into account that there are more than 150 thousand possible clicks each month for this term, the increase is relevant. Acquire Featured Snippets At the end of last January Google announced that the featured fragments would become the new 1st position in the SERP on the pages that have them, since the content that won a place in Kuwait Phone Number List the box could not appear again in the results list , like it was before. Analysis is still being done to understand if this change has increased or reduced the organic click-through rate of blogs that are located in featured snippets. But the fact indicates that the visibility provided by these reply boxes is still quite advantageous. Since May 2019 we have been intensifying our efforts to earn new featured fragments, implementing some good practices. I give you an example.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Home Office

We had a broad content on “electronic commerce” and a secondary one, on the types of e-commerce . It turns out that this last post had a very long definition of the term “electronic commerce”, which was not very logical, since the keyword “types” indicates Kuwait Phone Number List that the user can already be clear about the concept. So we removed the subtitle that talked about the concept, moved it to the main Electronic Commerce post and edited the “types” article, getting straight to the point with a list of the 7 most prominent ecommerce models and their characteristics. Coming to our article, the algorithm understands more quickly that we are responding well to the user’s intention, which is to find a list with several elements.

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