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Full of New Possibilities

Marketing and sales for the past decade. Then came ‘mobile-first. Both concepts, of course, remain crucial. But we propose one more: ‘AI first’. Every business – yes, even Indonesia Phone Number a freelancer or smaller retailer sits on a mountain of data. Apply AI such as machine learning to it and you immediately get a lot of interesting insights about your prospects and customers. How does machine learning work? Based on advanced.

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statistical exercises, algorithms look for patterns in data. As a marketer, this gives you a clear insight into who your customers are and how they behave. What characterizes them, what drives their decisions, what is their customer lifetime value, and on which triggers (different for everyone) should you use marketing to realize a higher customer lifetime value? Also, read 12 simple machine learning tools for webshops 3.

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Indonesia Phone Number List

Use dynamic behavioral segmentation instead of traditional ABC segmentations Once you have insight into customer behavior (and you know how valuable that behavior is thanks to customer lifetime value), you can use that to segment and thus improve the customer experience. With the ultimate goal: to increase the customer lifetime value. Segmentation is not new. For years, companies have split their customers into.

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