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From Shareholder To Stakeholder

Goethem relaxation makes both following and thinking easier and prevents a stress response from your body that temporarily makes thinking impossible. It USA Phone Number prevents the amygdala (the part of your brain that processes emotions) from blocking blood flow to the prefrontal cortex (where decision-making and planning are located). Stress with your audience makes thinking temporarily impossible. Simple is smart So if you want to appear smart and convince people, the science is clear stick to short words, short sentences.

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You’ve probably heard the tip: to learn to write, it’s better to read bad texts than good ones. A good text just works. It is deceptively simple. In a bad text, you can better see what prevents you from reading: illogical order of words, text that is too abstract, illogical structure. But how do you then apply those insights when you start writing yourself so that your own texts are readable? It is easy to read the book Style.

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Readers Read (and Why Not) ” by Kitty Kilian by reading. It contains 30 tips divided into four blocks, which help you to make your texts readable. From text construction to enlivening your text. Oops, liven up your text. Avoiding the noun style is one of the tips. In Kilian’s words: Simple is always better than complicated. The tone of Style In the foreword to Stijl you can read: Writing is not an exact science and this book is not a

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