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Focus Group what is this methodology and how to apply it to your marketing strategy?

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Focus Group what is this methodology and how to apply it to your marketing strategy?

How does a focus group work? Before doing a focus group, it is essential to have a well structured marketing plan , as this can help to verify if the focus group is going in the right direction. Once the plan is formulated, it is easier to verify which points need to New Zealand WhatsApp Number List be adjusted, a matter that is usually addressed in focus groups that often present the stages that we will mention below: 1. Definition of the problem Like the sales funnel , the focus group originates from a problem. Therefore, try to check which one you need to solve about creating a focus group. Choice of participants After defining your focus group goals , the next step is to figure out how many participants you need. It is New Zealand WhatsApp Number List a priority that these are chosen correctly. Plan the dialogue Besides bringing the participants together, it is necessary to plan how the conversation will be carried out.

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They are useful for the Rebranding process 

For that, it is worth knowing certain resources Client list If you have a customer list or a base of leads , this can be super useful because it reduces the time spent finding participants, mainly because people who have used products or contracted services will be more willing to collaborate with the brand . References You can invite friends, relatives and acquaintances. Tell them what the objective of the focus group is and New Zealand WhatsApp Number List why their participation is important. Events (edit) If you attend digital marketing events or others in which it is easy to find your audience, take advantage of that opportunity. You can participate in these events as a guest, sponsor or host. The main advantage of these events is that you and your audience are in the same place at the same time, avoiding scheduling dates and times, as well as logistical risks.

What are the benefits of the focus group?

Advertisements Another way is to publish announcements so that people are willing to participate in your focus group, this will increase the number of candidates and you will have more options of members for the group. The criteria that you must use to select them is to choose the individuals who fit the objectives of the group. Ideally, participants should be diversified, but it is essential that they participate in New Zealand WhatsApp Number List your market . For example, a company serving clients in Buenos Aires may have participants residing in other provinces, as this may provide new perspectives and points of view during the discussion. 3. Selection of observers The employees of your company, in case they do not participate in the focus group, can act as observers. However, it is important to prioritize the selection of the collaborators who are most suitable to participate in the meetings.

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