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Find Unlisted Cell Phone

Are product and the demand for products that are easy to take with you is increasing. Also read: “In 20 to 25 years all products will be free” Plastic Food Egypt Phone Number Packaging Every year 500 million kilos of plastic packaging material come onto the Dutch market. That equates to 1900 kilograms of plastic per minute. 40 percent of all that packaging material is for food and drink. According to the ING Economic Bureau, every Dutch person.

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uses an average of 1500 pieces of plastic food packaging per year. That is about four pieces of food packaging per day per person, which is equivalent to 26 billion plastic food packaging in 2019. If nothing changes, the number of plastic food packaging will grow by 100 million pieces per year until 2023. That also means that food packaging will continue to grow, waste management systems will be put under pressure.

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and valuable resources will be depleted. The EU has already imposed measures on its states to combat plastic pollution. These are measures that will take effect from 2021 and respond to consumer trends and therefore also to consumer interests. Sustainable alternatives First of all, what is sustainable packaging? Sustainable packaging has a minimal environmental impact. It does not contribute to further depletion.

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