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Find out what the ROI of interactive content is and how to calculate it

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Find out what the ROI of interactive content is and how to calculate it

Optimize your keywords with Content Marketing If you want to take advantage of the full potential of organic traffic, you have to invest your time in a consistent Content Marketing strategy , which includes, among other things, choosing the ideal keywords for you to be found on the web. The keywords or keywords are the terms that people use to express the information they want to find on search engines . They Morocco Phone Number List are the basis of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and the first step that you must take within everything that this technique encompasses. Choosing the most appropriate keywords will allow you to segment your content and adapt it to the interest of your Buyer Persona , thereby increasing your conversion opportunities. Some tools that you can use to extract information and define your keywords are: Google Keyword Planner; Keywords Everywhere SEMRush MOZ.

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What are the advantages of using interactive content?

Invest in a good infrastructure for your blog The factors that most influence web positioning and user retention on a page is its loading speed and its easy and intuitive navigation. To do this, having a good hosting service to create, host and manage the blog is the best way to go. On the Internet, you find many services that offer this type of technical performance, even here at Rock Content we have Rock Stage, Morocco Phone Number List our hosting service focused on WordPress This concept refers to the ability to design attractive, useful and easy interaction flows on a website. The UX involves, among other things: captivate the user with visual attractions; use words and messages with the help of UX Writing ; invest in web performance optimization ( WPO ); optimize loading speed; offer interactive content and experiences . 3. Create viral content Getting to the point: there is no magic formula for creating viral content .

What is interactive content?

However, there are techniques that allow you to develop the potential of your content so that you can encourage sharing on social networks and the generation of backlinks – fundamental factors to increase your web traffic. Some ways to achieve this with viral content is by investing in: mental triggers: expressions that have an effect on readers and make them take action. Storytelling: content in narrative format , Morocco Phone Number List telling a short story to the reader. Interactive web pages : infographics , quizzes , calculators and other materials that the user can click to decide what information to find. Relevant topics: with high search demand, which can be famous topics or trends of the moment. Emotional attachment: through content that causes positive emotions. Humor: content that provokes laughter among users; among others.

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