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Find out what the Gateway timeout error is and how to solve it permanently

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Find out what the Gateway timeout error is and how to solve it permanently

In addition to contributing to the profitability and life of the business itself, generating satisfied customers provides multiple specific benefits for marketing, brand exposure, sales management, and even decision-making. Some of them are: Possibility of receiving recommendations Although promotional activities have evolved dramatically in recent decades, word of mouth marketing continues to have great power. If you China Phone Number List maintain high satisfaction rates, you will have the possibility of turning your customers into brand ambassadors , who will recommend your products or services, promoting them organically and effectively. In addition to strengthening Brand Awareness or brand awareness, word of mouth marketing tends to be a productive way of acquiring new buyers. And it is that people feel confident and motivated when another user makes direct recommendations of China Phone Number List a certain product or services and, in general, speaks positively of their interaction with a brand. It is important to mention that today word of mouth marketing is mostly developed on the Internet, social networks and digital media.

China Phone Number List

What are the ways to resolve the gateway timeout ?

For this reason, every time a customer refers positively to your brand, this can be seen by hundreds or thousands of users, expanding the reach of the message. Lower cost of customer acquisition As you already know, a satisfied customer can be an ambassador who spreads your brand and brings new consumers to it . This form of attraction organic decrease the average cost of customer acquisition, making it much more China Phone Number List profitable and sustainable your venture . In general, a company that satisfies its customers manages to build a good image in the market , which motivates users to approach it and learn about its products and services. Higher LVT (Lifetime Value) Speaking of profitability, we cannot forget that a satisfied customer can have a high Life Time Value (LTV), since they are prone to making new purchases frequently, contributing profits to the business.

What is the gateway timeout error and why does it occur?

If you make user satisfaction a common practice, it is very likely that the average business LTV is significant and that the cycles of business relationships are quite long. Take the opportunity of this section to draw up accounts with our interactive calculator and discover how high the Lifetime Value of your company has been! Increased upsell and cross-sells opportunities The aforementioned leads us to conclude that China Phone Number List customer satisfaction facilitates upsell and cross-sell , that is, the sales of higher value products, which increase the average purchase ticket , as well as cross-sales of goods and services. complementary. Easy access to information of interest A satisfied customer is the first who is willing to participate in feedbacks and share their opinion .

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