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Find out what SSH (Secure Shell) is and what this protocol is for

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Find out what SSH (Secure Shell) is and what this protocol is for

SSH is a protocol that guarantees that both the client and the remote server exchange information in a secure and dynamic way. The process is capable of encrypting the files sent to the server directory, guaranteeing that the alterations and the sending of Colombia Phone Numbers List data are carried out in the best way possible. Ivan de Souza Apr 16, 20 | 7 min read what is SSH The development or maintenance of websites are common demands in any company that works with these services. Maintaining the security of processes is one of the obligations of professionals and, for that, it is necessary to use the main resources. The SSH protocol is one of the working parameters that guarantee that the information will be properly protected. Colombia Phone Numbers List The communication of a computer with a server is a recurring activity during these demands of managing a site. Transferring data is an integral part of the task and, when this moment arrives, it is essential to ensure that the process is safe and, above all, protected.

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The operation of the SSH protocol

In this article we are going to talk about the SSH protocol and its importance. Do not miss this detailed material, according to the following topics: What is the SSH protocol? When does it need to be accessed? What are the cryptographies used by SSH? How to access the SSH portfolio? Read on and find out! What is the SSH protocol? SSH is an acronym, or acronym, for the term secure shell, which stands for secure Colombia Phone Numbers List capsule. In practice, the SSH protocol is a security mechanism offered by hosting services . Its function is to guarantee that there is a secure connection between the computer and the remote server, guaranteeing the transfer of data without any loss of information. SSH has the function of allowing users and developers to make any modifications to sites and servers using a simple connection.

When does the SSH protocol need to be accessed?

In this way, through a computer connected to the internet, that person can configure, modify files and even work on the development of a web page. The proposal of this protocol is precisely to create a secure method that guarantees that there will be no invasion of these files and their codes. For this reason, cryptographies are used that guarantee that only two points access the information: the server and the computer that Colombia Phone Numbers List sent the data to that remote location. The operation of the SSH protocol In practice, SSH offers a mechanism for the authentication of that remote user, guaranteeing that this person has authorization to communicate with the server. In this way, the connection is created through the protocol and the information is transported in this secure shell model, with the cryptography that protects the data.

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