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Find Out What Competitive Intelligence Is About And How You Can Apply

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Find Out What Competitive Intelligence Is About And How You Can Apply

Valentina Giraldo read Top of Mind When a brand is so ingrained in people’s minds, to the point that it substitutes the category of the product of which it is part, we can say that it has reached the top of mind! When you beat yourself up, do you look for bandages or Band-Aids? Sure, it depends on the country you are in: When you brush your teeth do you use toothpaste or Colgate? These are just a few top-of-mind brands, Uruguay WhatsApp Number List those at the top of the minds of your customers and potential consumers as well. These brands not only become a reference of their niches of action , but also, in other related spaces, when the objective is to communicate the values ​​of the company . As in the case of Natura, a Brazilian cosmetics brand with a global presence, present in the debate on sustainable means. You must already be wondering: how to do that?

Why is it important to apply competitive intelligence?

In this text we brought an overview of this expression, its importance, what are the fundamental steps in its search and why accompany brands that have already become a reference. What does the expression “Top of Mind” mean? Translating literally, the term “top of mind” means “top of mind.” In a colloquial expression of Spanish, we could understand it as: «on the tip of the tongue» . In this way, they are the brands that Uruguay WhatsApp Number List easily come to the mind of the consumer. We can do some tests: what is the first brand that comes to mind when you think of sodas / sodas? And in sponges to shine? Coca-Cola and Bombils, respectively, are very well positioned brands in their niches and probably came to mind at this point. There are several factors that contribute to make this happen, such as national coverage, deep knowledge about the buyer person and reinforcements in the brand and public identity .

How to execute competitive intelligence?

importance of being a Top of Mind company? We live in a time of excess. We have access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and with everything in the palm of our hands. In this context, with so much information, being the main reference in your specific segment of action makes all the Uruguay WhatsApp Number List difference. The top of mind brand is not always the market leader, but, in general, this relationship exists. This happens mainly due to two factors. The first of them is that, by becoming a reference, the brand achieves an aspirational status . In this way, although it is not always consumed, due to financial or other factors, the brand continues to be desired.

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