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Find out how to use Discus, the platform for managing comments on websites and blogs

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Find out how to use Discus, the platform for managing comments on websites and blogs

Calculation of ROI in Content Marketing Some of the ones you can consider to calculate your ROI are: hosting service and CMS, such as WordPress ; content production (cost of hiring or payments of responsible employees or freelancers); data monitoring and analysis tools; image banks; equipment to record videos and audios (if you use these formats in the strategy). To do the calculation, you must consider the Senegal Phone Number List returns, which can vary depending on your objective. The important thing is that you always assign a monetary value for the indicator you choose. Some possible are: number of leads, customers who were leads, blog sessions, unique visits, number of users per page, among others. The ROI calculation is based on the following formula: ROI = return – investment cost / investment cost Suppose that, when you add up all the costs, your total investment in Content Marketing was What is Google Ads?

Senegal Phone Number List

The preferred system of North American companies

Google Ads is the largest sponsored link tool on the Internet. And not for nothing, once it is Google’s advertising platform and the company’s main source of income. This resource is part of SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) strategies . Through Google Ads, brands promote their products and services in the first results of users’ searches , based on the keywords they use to find what they want. Google identifies sponsored Senegal Phone Number List links by adding the term “ad”: In addition to sponsored links in the search engine , the tool also allows advertising in other formats, such as banners and videos on Google partner websites . These formats are part of the so-called Display Network, while sponsored links make up the Search Network. Business objectives that Google Ads helps achieve The purpose of Google Ads is quite clear: to attract the attention of potential buyers and generate short-term conversions .

What are the advantages of Discuss?

Companies invest a value so that a certain segmented audience can find them. Think about the following, what is more advantageous for an online children’s clothing store : that your campaign is displayed for thousands of people or that it appears for 500 people who are really interested in this type of product? This is the true benefit of digital ads, the ability to target products and services to a qualified audience Senegal Phone Number List that is related to the business. Google Ads features When we talk about the search network, the dynamics to publish an ad basically works in the following way: you choose the keywords you want to use so that your campaign corresponds to those terms; you visualize the cost of each keyword; you create the content of your ad ; you select the segmented audience for which you want to appear; you determine the daily budget and the active time of the ad.

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