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Email Is Still the Channel That Scores

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Email Is Still the Channel That Scores

meters in terms of office space. ‘Work where you want’ VodafoneZiggo was the first company in the Netherlands to present new long-term Senegal Phone Number List HR agreements at the end of October 2020 that equate working from home with working at the office. From now on, anyone who wants to can work from home half of the time. Even as soon as everything returns to ‘normal’ after corona. I foresee that many organizations will.

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The software company Protime announced that it will change the ‘working standard’. Where colleagues used to work mainly in the office and sometimes. At home, at Protime the home workplace is now the most important operating base. “The new normal.” Working hard behind a screen and working together creatively Ultimately, this trend will result in two workflows: working hard.

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Senegal Phone Number List

working together creatively. One half of the working week, team members sit in their own bubble, the other half of the week they come together to synchronize the clocks socially, technically, and creatively. The comeback of the creative session You naturally like to fill those joint days, whether they are at the office or elsewhere, with a varied combination of activities. You don’t just want to drink coffee or sit through boring meetings for 8 hours. I am convinced that, in the midst of this upheaval, ‘the creative session’ will once.

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