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Do you take care of the value of your brand in social networks?

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Do you take care of the value of your brand in social networks?

Santiago, Chile.- Strategic alliances are, for some time now, a good way to boost two companies. I give, you give and we both benefit. The use of digital marketing has become a great tool for the agreement, especially if the movement of both parties in the network usually exceeds certain figures. Therefore, it is important that this alliance is something formal and not in words, in order to value the brand.

A banner on the website, the viralization of information on joint activities, the delivery of a product or service by one of the parties, has an important value, which does not Kenya Phone Number List necessarily correspond to direct money. How much is your database worth? It is worth the conversion that is made of it, the response of the individuals, which usually takes a while, but if it is a target audience, sooner or later it will have a result that will be beneficial for both parties. And your YouTube channel?

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Being clear about the value of your contacts is essential when it comes to an advertising exchange in terms of dissemination. Make written agreements, more importantly, to prevent one of the parties from taking advantage – naively or not – of the other. The anti-corruption policies of many companies require that all strategic alliances be regulated and signed by the directors of the same. In this Brother Cell Phone List way, an alleged contribution to the institutions is prevented from becoming a contribution that benefits only some (those who made the contact, for example, and have some type of conflict of interest) and the collaboration of the institutions is ensured. parts in question.

Your brand in social networks has the value assigned by users, by its tradition, by the work done in the digital field and by the voice it has acquired in the media. Although you cannot always measure the result – the metrics generally point to quantity, segments and possible customers, but not to actual conversion figures – there is a certain projection that must be assessed. A formal agreement is the first step for this.

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