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Do you develop a content marketing strategy? 4 keys that you cannot ignore

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Do you develop a content marketing strategy? 4 keys that you cannot ignore

Miguel Alegre and Fernando Ortiz shared some tips to develop an effective content marketing strategy at the CNMD2014. Mexico DF-. In his conference, “Brandjournalism & Newsjacking: The new players in digital marketing” given at the 3rd edition of the National Congress of Digital Marketing , Miguel Alegre, founder and VP of operations at Rancho Digital and Fernando Ortiz, director of marketing for Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, shared some tips for developing an effective content marketing strategy.

In brand promotion strategies, content marketing actions are gaining more and more weight where brandjournalism and newsjacking techniques figure as the main Norway Phone Number List protagonists. But how do you get the most out of a brand? In this sense, Miguel Alegre indicated that content marketing should be understood as the art of ‘hooking’ audiences through information without the need to sell a product directly, which has a lot to do with creating credibility and loyalty to the target.

Within this type of strategy , according to the speaker, brandjournalism and newsjacking are fundamental parts. Thus, brandjournalism can be defined as “the creation of content under a journalistic conception , which implies having a research, writing and dissemination process similar to traditional media, where the brand is not the protagonist “, while newsjacking has to do with the creation of content in real time that seeks to put the brand in the conversation generated by a topic of interest, so it has to do with the ability of the brand to react to the day-to-day life of consumers and its communication dynamics.

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For his part, Fernando Ortiz detailed some examples of the way in which these strategies have been landed in the communication plan of the INDIO brand, As a summary of this conference, we share the 4 basic aspects that should be considered when developing a content marketing strategy:

-Clear strategy: it is about defining objectives, the steps to follow to reach the goal as well as the way in which the idea is going to land and spread. This will allow defining in which topics the brand can participate correctly and with optimal results.

-Document the strategy: with this it is possible to understand Brother Cell Phone List the behavior trends of the audience with specific topics or content, compare actions and determine the best techniques to connect with the consumer.

-Crisis plan: although there is broad knowledge of the audience, a strategy that responds to their needs in the correct media with useful content, it is true that errors can occur. This is why it is important to have a crisis protocol to know what is the best way to react.

-Measure: it is important to know the results of each effort in order to act accordingly and optimize actions immediately.

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