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Discover the way to digitize a business with these 9 key factors

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Discover the way to digitize a business with these 9 key factors

Content adaptation with local examples In addition to producing specific content for topics and keywords of local interest, we try to connect with the semantic references of our audiences even in articles that are directed to a wider audience. For example, in our Israel Phone Number List content on Branding we include success stories of Hispanic brands, such as Ban Colombia. If we had selected only examples of brands from the United States or from countries that do not speak Spanish in Europe, the algorithm would have less incentive to identify that our content is relevant to the Colombian public. On the other hand, it is a factor that increases our chances of positioning content in the markets we want. We take this point very Israel Phone Number List much into account, both in the articles that we produce from scratch and in those that we translate from our blog into Portuguese. This is even why we call it “content adaptation” and not translation.

Israel Phone Number List

Build a permanent and unstoppable base of operations

In the end, you would feel much more identified with a material that presents close references to your universe of experiences than with one that is based on distant references to yours, right? Investigation of the particularities of SERPs In international SEO one always has to be aware of the differences that exist in the user’s intention in each country. This is a crucial analysis to define how an article will be structured. Israel Phone Number List For example, I’ll tell you what happened to me when I was about to define the skeleton of our article on “Personal Marketing.” Using keyword tools I discovered that this term had 590 searches per month on average in Mexico, and the SERP indicated a user’s interest in learning more about the concept of Personal Marketing and its strategies. So far, everything wonderful.

Why is it so convenient to digitize a business in 2020?

But when I looked for the same term in the SEMRush report, it told me that it had 110 thousand searches every month in Colombia. At this point I said: «great, I’m going to direct the content to the Google page in Colombia to get all this massive traffic! And then I came across a surprising reality. It turns out that in Colombia there is a company (probably well known) called Personal Marketing and it has several branches in Israel Phone Number List the country! I realized at that moment that it would not be convenient to write the article based on the behavior of the Colombian user, because I was never going to beat the company on this results page. And so it was that I decided to give priority to the SERP of Mexico for this article, which currently ranks in 5th place.

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