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Discover the alternatives that show why Big Data is so important in electronic commerce

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Discover the alternatives that show why Big Data is so important in electronic commerce

Juan Andrés Corrales min read keys for the digitization of SMEs Some say that it began in the 1990s, while others say that it emerged almost at the same time as the new millennium. The truth is that, regardless of when it began, the digital transformation continues in full New Zealand Phone Number List swing and this has different repercussions, including the need to achieve the digitization of SMEs. Yes, it is a necessity and not a luxury or a strategic value addition. Although it may seem crude, it must be said clearly: a small or medium-sized company that does not take this step will hardly be competitive and will stand the test of time. Only through digitization can a business aspire to a privileged position in current New Zealand Phone Number List markets and grow with scalability and sustainability, that is, meeting all their demands and without losing those qualities that add value and that differentiate it. Even scan or n business is key to resisting joints and times of crisis, and this has become evident in recent times.

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Why is Big Data important in electronic commerce?

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has generated a massive business closure in Latin America. The Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) estimates that up to 2.7 million formal companies in the region – of which more than 98% will be SMEs – could end their operations as a result of the economic stoppage caused by the pandemic. This is due, in part, to the fact that many companies do not have a solid digital New Zealand Phone Number List presence or the necessary structure to operate virtually , in order to withstand the confinement measures and the reduction of consumption and stay in constant interaction with their customers and prospects. So, given this reality, we consider it appropriate to offer you a concrete guide on how to digitize your SME. In the next few lines we will explain what challenges you will face in doing so, where you should start and, in general, what are the keys to taking this step successfully.

Achieve great competitive advantages

Attention! What are the challenges for the digitization of SMEs? We won’t lie to you: you may face multiple challenges on the inevitable path to digitizing your SMB . Before sharing the keys to be successful with this process, we will show you in a concrete way what are the challenges that you could face so that you identify them and do not allow them to stop you. 1. Resistance to change With SMEs something curious New Zealand Phone Number List occurs: they are the main economic engine of many countries, but at the same time they are the most vulnerable organizations , which disappear more quickly. In Mexico, for example, more than 95% of the companies are SMEs, representing 52% of the national GDP, while generating more than 70% of job opportunities.

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