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Discover How To Produce Content For The Corporate Image And Consolidate

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Discover How To Produce Content For The Corporate Image And Consolidate

You can immediately leave your e-mail to receive an Inbound Marketing guide that we prepare so that you continue learning about the subject. inbound marketing guide Social media metrics Do you feel that your actions on social networks are not meeting Spain WhatsApp Number List their expectations? Then use these indicators to know what is happening on your social platforms: 12. Scope It is important to determine the number of people who have viewed a post. This metric also includes users who are not part of your digital community .  Engagement It refers to the level of commitment that a user has with a publication for a certain period of time. It includes interactions such as “likes”, comments, number of shares, or brand mentions.  CTR The Click Through Rate is the number of clicks that are obtained with respect to the number of impressions.

How does Content Marketing help to consolidate the corporate image?

It is useful to know the effectiveness of the links you add to your publications. Below you can download an e-book with the best practices for your company’s Marketing strategy on social networks! Social media kit Leave your email and receive the free kit! Metrics for Email Marketing Email Marketing campaigns are a practice that will hardly disappear from Digital Marketing, therefore, learn how Spain WhatsApp Number List to measure the effectiveness of this strategy! 15. Open rate Vision on the number of people who open the emails of your campaigns. It is important to know the effect of the subjects you choose for the emails, since they should stimulate the click. Here we leave you the link of the E-mail Subject Generator that we create in Rock Content and that we apply in our strategy. 16. Open clicks It is used to calculate the unique clicks compared to the open rate and to know the engagement of your audience.

It favors the humanization of the brand

start a free trial, download a material, complete a transaction, among others. 18. Subscription fee Number of users who have subscribed to your newsletter after a promotion such as downloading an ebook. 19. Bounce rate Indicate the email addresses that do not exist. You need to know Spain WhatsApp Number List them to determine if you are following email marketing best practices. 20. Users who are no longer subscribers Number of people who abandon a subscription to a newsletter or email list. It is important to understand if the frequency, quality of the content, type of communication or design are being detrimental to your strategy.

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