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Discover how to improve the loading time of your website with these 11 techniques

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Discover how to improve the loading time of your website with these 11 techniques

Time to start setting up data collection! Some of the tools that will become the allies of your Data Driven Marketing strategy are: Google Analytics ; Google Search Console ; social media management platforms; Email Marketing platforms; CRM . This is Bahrain Phone Numbers List where the marketer’s strategic thinking comes to the fore, as you must evaluate what data you have, what data you need, and what tools can help you obtain it. In fact, according to a post from the Digital Marketing Institute, a third of those surveyed say they have invested in five or ten platforms in the last five years, but many still do not have full visibility of their data. So, once you determine which are the tools that are most useful for your business in particular, you must configure their automatic reports with the data you need. The most interesting thing about automation tools is that they provide Bahrain Phone Numbers List easy-to-interpret reports with a high level of segmentation, based on the filters it provides. An example is SEMrush , an SEO software that is widely used in Latin America.

Bahrain Phone Numbers List

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With one of its features, Marketing professionals can even identify which keywords bring the most traffic to their competitors: 5. Interpret the information, take action and measure the results The data analysis is the heart of the Data Driven Marketing then to the end, the sheer volume of information serves only if it helps us to better design strategies . With the discoveries in the behavior of your customers you can, Bahrain Phone Numbers List on the one hand, better adapt your products, services and content to their needs. On the other hand, you can anticipate the reaction of consumers with predictive models. In this way, you can do A / B tests to create a personalized multichannel experience, adjust your Content Marketing strategy, your publications on social networks, your Email Marketing campaigns or your ad campaigns.

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Once the changes have been made, you must measure the results with the KPIs that you established in the first stage, compare if the results you obtained were as expected and start the process again. 3 success stories in the use of Data Driven Marketing 1. Netflix Part of the “secret” of Netflix’s success is that, through Data Driven Marketing strategies, they take advantage of all the information they can extract from Bahrain Phone Numbers List the user to offer personalized recommendations and know what type of series they should create. Greendale This lawn care company ran contextualized and relevant ads using socio-economic data from the population of Nashville, USA. Identifying the median income, they adjusted ad copy to appeal to the most price-sensitive consumers.

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