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Discover How A Content Marketing Strategy Generates Real Business 

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Discover How A Content Marketing Strategy Generates Real Business 

Indexing Within SEO metrics, indexing is the number of URLs that belong to your domain that Google can show within its results. Google Seach Console is the right tool to obtain this data and know if you are experiencing growth or not. 2. Keyword ranking Monitoring the performance of keywords relevant to your company allows you to know how well your content is positioning and how much traffic it is attracting. In this way South Africa WhatsApp Number List you can compare the position against traffic and the volume of results in Google that they cause. This metric can be monitored in two ways: by the Google SERP, in which you will see if your page appears in the results lists when you search for a keyword; by SEO software such as SEMRush or Ubersuggest, which show you the positions of your blog in Google for different keywords. 3. External links It allows to measure the amount of external links that our website receives and to determine the level of authority and positioning that a content or several has.

How does Content Marketing generate business opportunities

This can be negative or positive, and it is necessary to know it to enhance or modify the SEO strategy. The amount of backlinks can be followed by tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush. To reject an external link that is spam or does not suit your blog, you must go to South Africa WhatsApp Number List Search Console and do the steps that we explain in the previous link. 4. Organic positioning The contents and pages that are managed to position organically, that is, without using paid campaigns , provide the possibility of knowing the level of domain that your website has for Google. SEMRush is one of the most used tools to determine this metric, in addition to measuring the number of positioned keywords, external links and more.

Understanding the ideal customer

website is always good news. Measuring organic traffic and comparing it to total traffic helps you get an overview of how well SEO is being used in your strategy. The best and most complete way to find out is through Google Analytics , a free platform to generate reports on your visits. To see more South Africa WhatsApp Number List details on how to put together an SEO strategy, download the free e-book we made on the subject! SEO ebook Complete guide to reach the first position of Google! To select To select Inbound Marketing Metrics Generating a real and valuable conversation with audiences is now easier with Inbound . And one of the most important measures to determine the ROI of Marketing are the interactions and business opportunities that are created. Here, the most important of the segment:.

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