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Discover 4 Famous Bloggers Who Will Inspire You To Create Special Content

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Discover 4 Famous Bloggers Who Will Inspire You To Create Special Content

The choice of ad types can directly affect the performance of a campaign. Therefore, you must choose wisely. There is no one better than the other. The type you choose depends on the strategy of each business. Let’s see what they are: Mastheads for computers This type of ad is used mainly by large companies. These are ads that are posted on YouTube homepage and are confused with native videos. That is, the user Taiwan WhatsApp Number List will hardly recognize them as advertising . The form of billing is done by days, that is, every 24 hours of delivery of ads, the amount is charged. This type has some variations related to the size of the ad, which are “main page”, “maximizable” and “lite”. Mastheads for mobile devices This type of ad is similar to the one mentioned in the previous topic, but it only works on mobile devices. That is, phones and tablets. The composition is very simple: title, description, call to action and a video thumbnail, which can be played automatically for up to 20 seconds (after that, the user chooses whether to close it or keep watching).

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Custom implementation Available only on computers, the custom implementation allows the advertiser to create ad units on the YouTube home page, which can be expanded with the click of the user. The means of payment is through views or clicks. As it is a resource that requires a good knowledge of HTML techniques , it is necessary to have a professional to execute the campaign. However, the tool itself offers a method to Taiwan WhatsApp Number List make the process easier. We will talk about him below. Layout implementation The design implementation model is very similar to the custom implementation. But instead of advertisers creating their own ads, there are several layouts to choose from. The purpose of this type of ad is to simplify the process of creating graphic pieces. There are featured video, carousel and image gallery options. Regular video ads Video ads are displayed during the playback of content produced by the platform’s channels.

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televisions, video games and players integrated in other sites. In this format, the ad must be a maximum of 30 seconds long. It can be displayed at the beginning, at the end, or during video playback. Apart from that, they also have “skip” and “impossible to skip” options, each with its own Taiwan WhatsApp Number List characteristics. True View video discovery One of the most common models, this type of ad, which can be displayed in thumbnail format, is accompanied by up to three lines of text. Ads are generally served on YouTube search page or watch pages (i.e. related videos when user is looking at other content). However, they can also appear on the home page, YouTube app , and sites registered on the display network.

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