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Digital transformation what is it and what are its impacts on society?

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Digital transformation what is it and what are its impacts on society?

In the end, we do not want them to only access one page and leave us in a while. To encourage you to provide us with your contact details at some point and subsequently become clients of our company, we must create content that serves you at all stages of the sales funnel : recognition of the problem; consideration of the solution; purchase decision; In our blog we not only create content to position in Ghana Phone Numbers List Google, attract users and that’s it. We approach each topic in a deep way, so that they have many navigation routes available and progress little by little in the assimilation of the concepts that we propose in the materials. For example, considering that SEO is one of the pillars of our value proposition, we have more than 50 articles on this blog on the subject. This allows the user to have many opportunities to verify that we are experts in search engine optimization, so you can take us into account when you are encouraged to undertake this strategy in your company.

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Conquer new customers and retain existing ones

In addition, the user’s time spent on a blog is an important factor for positioning in Google and for the digital presence in general. If the average browsing duration of visitors to your blog is 15 minutes and that of your competitors is 5 minutes, the algorithms will consider that your content is more relevant to the user than that of other websites. Terrific, right? To establish an unforgettable browsing experience for Ghana Phone Numbers List your potential customers, the following factors are essential: Attractive CTAs (call to action) that encourage you to continue accessing other pages on the blog; Internal links for the pages related to the topic of each content, so that the user follows the steps we expect; Content in different formats, such as videos, infographics, images, and podcasts. 4. Deep keyword research As I said before, choosing the most feasible keywords for a Content Marketing strategy is essential for success.

Understand the development of technological progress

In the end, it does not make sense to invest time, effort and resources to reach the top of Google in pages that do not allow us to attract qualified organic traffic for our sales processes in the Inbound methodology . In addition, being in the Top 3 Ghana Phone Numbers List of Google allows you to generate technical authority in the market. So if we are a Digital Marketing company, why should we be in the first place for a keyword like “amusement parks in Guadalajara”? With our knowledge of SEO we could do it, but it would be a massive waste of time and energy. And then how to choose the best terms for a strategy? I tell you two factors that we always take into account.

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