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Digital Ocean what is it how to use it advantages and disadvantages

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Digital Ocean what is it how to use it advantages and disadvantages

However, creating web pages is not enough, it is also necessary to think about their structure, user experience , resources and also dissemination and access. Even with all these points assigned to professionals, planned and executed, we are still at risk of a Cambodia Phone Number List DDoS attack. The acronym DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service, in Spanish Distributed Denial of Service. It is a variation of Dose (Denial of Service), being that this second acronym is a unit, while Dodoes refers to the coordinated nature of the attacks . What is a DDoS attack? The DDoS attack is a malicious action that aims to remove a website . Normally, each user when visiting a website requests a part of the server , when the number of requests at the Cambodia Phone Number List same time is very high, the site may experience slowness or even “hang”. Therefore, a DDoS attack is a set of Do’s attacks, that is, several computers or servers are used in a coordinated way to overload a system and deactivate it.

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What are its main functionalities?

With this attack, the site becomes unavailable to any user, which can represent huge financial losses for companies, with a drop in sales and, also, generating dissatisfaction in your audience. The DDoS attack has the unique and exclusive function of overloading the system and rendering it extremely slow or unavailable for access. It does not affect the structure of a website itself, that is, it does not alter or damage existing files Cambodia Phone Number List like other types of hacker actions do, for example when they install a virus. How does a DDoS attack work? For a DDoS attack to occur, the cooperation of multiple attackers is required, that is, a large number of computers or servers operating in synchronization. Imagine a large avenue with a constant flow of vehicles in one direction, and suddenly, at an intersection, several cars enter this avenue, cutting off and interrupting traffic.

Who should use a cloud hosting? 

This is the effect of the DDoS attack. These attacks are carried out, most of the time, by computer hackers. It is more common to occur on large business dates, when companies expect a natural increase in the flow of visitors and purchases . Despite being a massive attack, a single hacker can organize it. To do that, you just need to control other computers, simulate a network, and focus on one target. To control this computer Cambodia Phone Number List network you must manipulate malware, which makes these computers bots. These bots are remotely controlled by the hacker, who sends coordinated instructions. As each bot has a different IP address, the site recognizes each one as a user and the server exceeds its capacity, facing overload and beginning to fail. What are the types of DDoS attacks?

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